Move From Love – A Beautiful Yoga Video from Meghan Currie

Ashton August
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To move from a place of sacredness; to act from a place of total mindfulness. This is the practice of yoga in its purest form.
To embody the peace that you feel from within, and to be the space that your practice has created. This is the powerful potential of your yoga practice.
To take each step with a zoomed-in focus; to absorb each breath like light from the sun. Each day we are given a choice: to rush through the monotonous routine, not ever taking a break to simply be; or to instead embrace each moment like the divine blessing that it is, and in so doing, experience the sacred in everything.

Your yoga practice is inspiring. Your moments of mindful clarity are inspiring. Prepare for another dose of inspiration in the form of this beautiful new video by Meghan Currie – a tribute, to us, to the sacred fluidity of yoga.

The track is Departed by William Arcane

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Ashton August

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