Inspiring Story Told Through a Yoga Flow Time Lapse Video

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I recently packed whatever I could into my car and made the bold move of relocating from Ohio to San Diego, California.
Not long ago, I would have never believed that it was possible for me to do anything so adventurous. I was shy, lacked confidence, terrified of life and struggling with anxiety and depression.
. . . until I found yoga.
I’ll never forget the first savasana I ever had – I felt as though I was floating above my body as I laid there in a state of pure bliss. So I kept going back.
And I found that by finding the self-discipline to show up on my mat regularly, I felt a little more brave. I began to see that showing up on my mat was actually me showing up for myself and my life. And it began to give me courage.
This video I created during my 6-day road trip to my new home symbolizes this courage. It represents all that yoga has done for me – the very reason I had the courage to sell 80% of my belongings, move to my dream location, and start the next chapter of my life without knowing any of the “hows.”

To me, this video represents the courage to trust that life is giving me exactly what I need. The courage to face my deepest fears – the fears that I wasn’t enough. Not smart enough. Not good enough.
Yoga gave me the courage to get quiet and listen to my inner-guidance. The courage to see that wherever I am in my life is exactly where I am supposed to be. The courage to create the space in order to heal and grow.
The courage to trust the Universe and let go of my perfectionism.
One of my favorite guidelines of yoga is from the Niyama called Tapas, or self-discipline. Tapas is our determined effort to become someone of strength and character. The self-discipline of this Niyama teaches us to have the courage to face our lives as they are – no matter what struggles and problems we’re facing.

Tapas is the yoga principle that shows us how to build personal power when things aren’t always easy, and that during a personal crisis we can either 1) break down or 2) break open.

When things aren’t always easy, and that during a personal crisis we can either 1) break down or 2) break open.

Let your yoga give you the courage to break yourself wide open. That’s where the magic happens. It’s where the courage has a chance to spill out of you.
My intention is that this story and video inspires you to stay committed to your yoga practice. Believe that even if you don’t notice the shift immediately – it’s working.
The yoga you are practicing is perfect for you right in this moment, and it’s working for you in ways that you can’t even fathom right now. So sit down, breathe, stay committed, and trust. It’s all good. It’s so, so good.
So my yoga loves – hit up your yoga mat, and know that just showing up on your mat is an incredible expression of showing up for your life. Let your yoga guide you. Let it break you open. Let it give you the courage to follow your dreams.

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Alisha Leytem is a Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and nature enthusiast. She’s the founder of the Zen Babe Tribe and is on a mission to help others zen out their lives for inner-peace, radiant health and blissful happiness with her 1:1 coaching programs, digital courses, videos and articles.

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