Have You Signed Up for the Beyond Fear Online Yoga Challenge?

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We’ve all been there. We start a new routine with the best of intentions, but life happens, the momentum begins to fade, and the routine gets put on the backburner. It can happen with yoga too. We have weeks where we practice nearly every day, and then weeks when we don’t ever unroll the mat.
Yet consider how much good yoga does for your body, mind, and life overall. It doesn’t take a huge time commitment either. Even practicing a few minutes a day can make a big difference in how you look and feel. So what stops us? Our busy schedules, unexpected circumstances – the list goes on. But what about on a deeper, more internal level?
Could it be that fear somehow plays a role? Think about it! Whether it’s fear of change, fear of commitment, or fear of the unknown, it’s fear that often motivates us. But as yogis, we know we need to push past the fear to ultimately discover our full potential, our power, and our freedom.

The MyYogaWorks Beyond Fear 14-day yoga challenge.


Here’s The Scoop

This challenge, sponsored by MyYogaWorks, is 14 days of FREE online yoga delivered to your inbox daily! This challenge starts October 3rd and goes through Oct 16th.

How do you participate in the challenge?

The MyYogaWorks Beyond Fear challenge is 14 days of FREE online yoga delivered to your inbox! To take the challenge, all you need to do is practice yoga every day for two weeks at myyogaworks.com and you’ll be rewarded with the freedom that comes from facing your fears, just in time for Halloween! Plus you’ll have the chance to win tons of cool prizes! Sign up for this free yoga challenge at myyogaworks.com/beyondfear.

The Perks

A regular yoga practice yields so much magic. You find a deeper, more attainable sense of peace and calm. Your body builds strength, flexibility, power, agility, and overall wellness. Your mind is clear, focused, and present. You cultivate deep, conscious breathing, and gain an all-around sense of empowerment. Plus you’ll have the chance to win tons of cool prizes!

  • Receive Daily Emails
  • Get Community Support
  • Win Great Prizes

When you sign up for the challenge you’ll be joining thousands of other yogis, all over the world, all committed to practicing yoga every day. Now that’s a great expression of the unity that is yoga!

How To Enter

You can sign up for this free yoga challenge at myyogaworks.com/beyondfear. MyYogaWorks makes it easy breezy by delivering yoga classes, inspiring reading and words of encouragement to your inbox every day, in addition to daily prizes.
And the best part is, it’s all free! Plus, when you sign up for the challenge and use the code: BEYOND, you’ll get four weeks of free unlimited access to 950+ videos.

Enter the Beyond Fear Challenge here


About MyYogaWorks

MyYogaWorks is an online resource for yoga videos. For $15 per month, you gain access to a wide range of online yoga classes – everything from Power Vinyasa to classes for back pain, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, yoga with your pup, and more – all taught by prominent yoga teachers.
Are you ready to take the yoga challenge and move beyond your fear and into your power? We believe in you – all you need is to believe in yourself! Cheers to your health, your yoga practice, and your courage! Namaste.

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