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This Yoga Video Is Absolute Art in Motion

Michelle Stanger
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A magical setting, a dedicated yogi and strength beyond belief. Daniel Rama shows amazing flexibility, control and graceful vigor through a series of inversions and arm balances to not only inspire your yoga practice, but find an appreciation for this yogi’s devotion to his practice.
Be inspired to find your own grace and connection during your yoga practice today and allow your strength to shine through. Namaste!
Music Credits: VUURWERK – Warrior (ft. Sylvie Kreusch)
Yogi: Daniel Rama
Filmed and edited by Alessandro Sigismondi


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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is living the yoga mom life and loving every second. She believes all beings deserve joy, peace and love and aims to be an example. Forever grateful for her yoga practice, she is honored to be able to share as a yoga teacher and Editor here at YogiApproved.com.

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