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A Beautiful AcroYoga Video – SHARK

Michelle Stanger
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Grace. Beauty. Trust. Harmony. You may think of a partner dance when these words come to mind. Now we can also think of the gorgeous practice of AcroYoga. If you have not heard of AcroYoga yet, it is an amazing partner practice combining yoga and acrobatics, and it has gained in popularity all over the world.

AcroYoga is a wonderful practice to connect with a person, to trust they will protect you, and to form a sense of oneness and clear, effective communication.

There are many people who practice AcroYoga, from certified instructors, to professional entertainers, and friends trying their best not to break something. But to come across a couple as magical and breathtaking as Slava Goloubov and Leiah Luz is a wondrous treat. They truly embody grace, beauty, trust and harmony. Plus, this AcroYoga couple has an amazing amount of strength that makes their practice seem effortless.
Enjoy this AcroYoga dance, this fluid motion showcasing love, intimacy and connection between this pair.


This video is pure art, focusing only on this journey between partners. If you enjoyed this beautiful dance, you can find more at SlavaGoloubov.com.
Music by: Oh Wonder – Shark
Slava Goloubov
Leiah Luz
Did this video move you? Do you practice AcroYoga and have tips to share? New to AcroYoga and have questions to ask? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is living the yoga mom life and loving every second. She believes all beings deserve joy, peace and love and aims to be an example. Forever grateful for her yoga practice, she is honored to be able to share as a yoga teacher and Editor here at YogiApproved.com.

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