5 Big Problems for Yogis and How to Solve Them

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The world we live in is a busy one, and yogis, like everybody else, juggle a lot of obligations and demands on their time. To counteract all the stress of the modern world, a regular yoga practice is key, so it’s ironic that maintaining a regular practice can be a source of additional headaches…
Considering you can get a cab, book a flight, order a meal, or find a place to stay with an app in your phone, it’s crazy that 100 million yogis all over the world are still wasting tons of time on google and facebook, dealing with flyers at the grocery store, checking class schedules on studio websites or on the Facebook pages of their favorite teachers. It’s 2015, and while Google has self-driving cars, the yoga world is dealing with fragmented ways of communicating.
Well, you’ll be glad to hear about a new mobile app that Team YogaTrail is working on which will make your life a lot easier. It promises to solve 5 problems that seem to plague the lives of almost every yogi out there:
1. Painful Planning
When and where will you have your next yoga class? It’s not always easy to figure that out. Most yogis practice at more than one studio, and love to take classes with several favorite teachers … but a typical yoga teacher is usually are found at no less than 3 different locations, and their schedule is always changing.

So planning your own yoga schedule for the week can mean opening a lot of tabs on your browser, and wasting a lot of time sifting through various schedules. And after you’ve painstakingly figured out your options for the week, you’re not done…
2. Surprises
Many things can sneak in between you and your next Shavasana: class cancelations, teacher substitutions, studio holidays… How’s a yogi kept in the loop about these? If you’ve ever dragged yourself across town only to find out at the studio that your class isn’t happening, or that there’s a substitute in place of that teacher you were looking forward to all week, you know what were taking about when we say: it’s a terrible feeling.
3. Detective Work
Sometimes, we all like to change things around a bit… whether you’re a seasoned yogi or totally new to yoga. But finding a new good teacher or new places to practice on Google is like looking for needle in a haystack. Yelp and Google just don’t work for yoga, and you’ll give up pretty quickly trying to use them (or run the risk of ending up in some odd places).
4. Missing out
All around you, tons of amazing yoga classes and events are happening all the time — but unless you’re reading all the notice boards in every grocery store and coffee shop in town, you’re missing most of them. Ever thought: ‘I wish I had heard about that workshop before it happened’? Keep reading…
5. Lost in Translation
Yogis don’t stop being yogis when they’re far from home, but usually it turns out that they pause their practice. Finding yoga places and connecting with new people when you’re out of town can be like ‘Mission Impossible’. That’s especially true when you leave the country and don’t speak the local lingo.

One App to Solve it All

Launched in 2013, YogaTrail is a website that helps people to find classes, teachers, studios, retreats and yoga events of all kinds, anywhere in the world. You can filter by time, style, location, and read reviews written by the community.
The website has become the go-to place for yogis to not only find their yoga, but to keep up with their personal yoga world, with all the tools you need to follow your teachers and studios, and get all their schedules in one simple place (called the ‘Class Guru’). But Team YogaTrail thinks that more is required, and they’re working on a new mobile app that will solve all the problems above when you need it most: when you’re NOT in front of a computer.
The new YogaTrail App, just like the YogaTrail website, will be free. So to get the resources that are needed to put things together, Team YogaTrail is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Check out their campaign and support this project, and help to build and maintain a network that’s just for yoga.

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