So Trump is President . . . Now What?!

This election is nothing but a conclusion of America’s projected consciousness.
Half of America is enraged, sad, hopeless and in some variation: hostile.
After I “ugly cried,” I noticed a transition from What the hell just happened? to Time to take matters into my own hands.
Once we are able to process the results of the election and today’s inauguration, notice that underneath the feelings of fear and anger, there is one thing left: empowerment.
It’s time we take matters into our own hands and help shift people’s awareness and consciousness levels.
Sure, it’s easy to feel helpless in this situation. But what I found is the sense of OWNING my power and spreading my light.
As Yogananda said, “Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.”
The light bearers out there have a job to do. We have to shine our light anywhere we see darkness.
Where they see failure, we see opportunity.
Where they see division, we see unity.
Where they set boundaries, we cross them.
Where they see violence, we see an opportunity to connect.
Where they see difference, we see oneness.
Where they see failure, we see opportunity.
Where they see hatred, we see love.

Instead of running away or giving up, we have to stand together and fight for what we believe in.
Gandhi is a perfect example of how to move forward. He didn’t fight anger and violence with more gun power and spewing hatred – he remained in a place of love – even to those who hated him, beat him and berated him.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is Gandhi’s powerful message that will live on in people’s hearts forever.

Remember that you can’t fight hate with hate.

Obviously, we have to start small, but as humans collectively, a massive shift can still happen.
Hold your light, and be a teacher – not by your words – but by your actions. It is time for us as conscious individuals to raise the bar.

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Jessie Wren

An Arizona native, Jesse finds peace within her yoga practice, and spreads light through her yoga teaching and writing. She loves connecting with herself and others through meditation, asana, and a healthy lifestyle. You can find Jesse traveling the world, writing about inspiration, and taste-testing every sushi restaurant ever.

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