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Hi, my name is Sarah and I love to travel. Scratch that…I NEED to travel. In order to fulfill this need, I work  nonstop in the winter, spring, and fall for an architectural firm. Then, when summer rolls around, I take off to give my true love the attention it deserves: I set out to see and experience the world. While I travel, I have one rule: to do at least one good deed everyday. You’d be surprised just how easy and gratifying this is. Follow along with me as I travel, and you’ll see that this rule (spreading positive energy)  dictates my journey…both in where I go and in the lessons / experiences I take away with me.


I set out traveling two years ago, determined that there is another place in the world for me that I would call home. You could call my travels “house hunting.” Yet, I am starting to miss home. I realize there is nothing like the friends that have known you for 10 years, or the love of your family, or the snuggles of your best friend who is in my case my puppy Feo….

This is Feo – Isn’t he the cutest?



Society sometimes labels travel as “running away” – I am not sure that I have been running away, as much as running towards getting to know myself better. Getting to know the world, learning patience, learning to judge less, and to perpetuate less negative thought and word. I still catch myself; I am far from perfect. Sometimes I’ll make comments against my own country, a country that helped get to where I am. I sometimes am just disappointed in the direction my country is going in. But why perpetuate negative thoughts and words… instead I’ll return to the micro, to me. My life is close to perfect. In my eyes it is perfect. Yet at the same time, I have been chasing a better me. Sometimes I let the exterior world get to me. I become Negative. Angry. Aggressive. But being in a zen culture like Thailand where there is no such thing as road rage, it is eye opening.

My spirit wants to grow, it has been detaching from what is not good, and yearning to be more positive. It’s like my spirit is going through a self-detox, and as I learn how to listen and follow, I find myself more and more in the flow. This sacred journey inward leads me outwardly to the places I travel to. Every place I experience offers something for my spirit to grow and evolve. The I more I travel, the more I find myself. The more I find myself, the more the urge to explore grows. This is me documenting all the travels and all the evolution that comes with it. Welcome to my journey.

Here we go.


Do you want to ask Sarah a question about her travels? Let her know in the comments below. :)

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Sarah (she goes by Spotzler) is an artist, architect, photographer, writer, music lover, yogi and travel addict. She has been to 20 some countries and 5 continents in the last 3 years. “I still am jaw-dropped everywhere I go…Some more than others. Nowhere is the same… No one is the same. These differences intrigue me, and I try to capture them in my photography, as well as my writing to show the reflective growth traveling has had on me artistically as well as a human being.”

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