• Michelle Thielen |

      Practice This Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Creativity (Video)

      Got creativity? If you often feel like you are ‘just going through the motions,’ then pause for a...

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Sound Off™ Yoga: Have You Heard of It?

      I have had the opportunity to practice and teach using Sound Off™ and I can honestly say it is a one-of-a-kind experience. My initial concern while practicing was the movement of the headphones during class. Great news! They didn’t move, and I even went upside-down a few times. The Sound Off headphones are adjustable and fit well over my ears.

    • Kate Connell |

      5 Things You Should Know About Teaching PRIVATE Yoga Classes

      Like many, I viewed private yoga classes as a yoga class for a party of one. I imagined that they ran similar to group classes except the class was sequenced to the individual’s needs and there was just two people: student and teacher.

    • YogiApproved |

      20 Min Yoga Class for Better Balance – The Year of Yoga (Free Class!)

      In this Year of Yoga video, Ashton August, the founder of takes your through a 20 min flow that is designed to help you find your balance. Enjoy!

    • YogiApproved |

      Bikini Body Yoga Sequence with Karena

      This super short, 16 minute yoga work-out will help stretch, lengthen, and strengthen your body for bikini season.

    • Ilonka Michelle O’Neil |

      Should We Clap at the End of a Yoga Class?

      Why do people clap at the end of a yoga class? Are they really that inspired? Maybe. Some yoga teachers are amazing! Are some students sucking up to their teachers with the accolades?

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