• Top 4 Online Resources to Help You Meditate

      Meditation is a fundamental part of living a life of peace, happiness, and contentment. We all lead busy lives, and our time is valuable, so why not make the most of it by incorporating a wellness habit that will improve and enhance all areas of your life? It all starts with a willingness to try, and now you’ve been given the tools you need to continue the journey.

      Bess O'ConnorBess O'Connor | July 27, 2016
    • 5 Ways to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home

      I'm in my home a lot. I work from home; I like to practice yoga in my home;...

      Alexa EricksonAlexa Erickson | May 25, 2016
    • Follow These 10 Helpful Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

      Doing yoga at home helps you deepen your personal relationship with your practice. Here's how to get started and have a successful at-home yoga practice.

      YogiApprovedYogiApproved | April 5, 2016
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