• Ashton August |

      What Are Samskaras + How Do They Impact Your Entire Reality?

      Samskaras are these habitual thought-patterns, that over time and with repetition, weave grooves in the brain.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Feeling Lost? Why You Should Walk Away from It All (Video)

      We all have one, that inner voice telling us what our true self desires. Some of us have...

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      7 Conscious Living Blogs You Should Know

      Conscious living: a daily practice that is as highly valuable as it is adaptive.

    • Mary Beth LaRue |

      Look Around Less, Imagine More: 4 Tips for Staying Inspired

      Drawing inward and cultivating your creativity and gratitude, rather than looking outside for momentary validation, is a surefire way to remain energized and inspired.

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      Guide to Self-Love : Acknowledging and Honoring Your Inner Child

      You are born with an innate wisdom: that you are loved, that you are loving, that you are enough. In order to maintain this self-love we need to continue to acknowledging and honoring our inner child.

    • Alissa Lastres |

      Taking Mountain Pose Off The Mat and into Your Life

      Mountain Pose. Picture it: you’re standing in mountain pose, grounding yourself into the mat and the earth beneath it. You spread your toes and press into them, into your heels,allowing the arches of your feet to rise. You send energy up your legs and place attention on keeping them strong and steady. You draw in your tailbone, hold in your stomach, and breathe your shoulders back into place.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

      8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now: Life can be difficult. There are moments of great sorrow and pain; moments that often leave us feeling as if the world has come crashing down upon us.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Why You Should LIVE Your Life Now

      Why You Should Live Your Life Now. One of my greatest challenges is fear. Fear of what will be, and what will not be. Fear of what has been, becoming again. If I allowed it, my mind would be a constant whirl of negative possibilities.

    • Sophia Herbst |

      The Problem with Using Yoga to Lose Weight

      The Problem with Using Yoga to Lose weight. Yoga is a practice of the mind over the body. Never is this more apparent than when one finds self-confidence in the body through yoga, not because yoga transformed your body, but because yoga transformed your mind.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Why Yoga is Right for Everyone (Yes, Even You!)

      I’m not going to lie, I used to loathe going to yoga class. I was dragged (kicking and screaming) once a week by my enthusiastic best friend, who repeatedly told me that if I kept going I would soon love it.

    • Ashton August |

      The Power of Selfless Giving (Inspirational Video)

      When we live and act from a place of love, we attract more of the same. When we offer love without conditions, we get it back tenfold. This is the law of attraction at its most basic, most fundamental form. Enjoy this beautiful video of the power of love and selfless giving.

    • Kelsey Struble |

      Life Is A Canvas, You Are The Brush

      In my mind we're all a canvas; a canvas waiting to be configured into something beautifully imperfect. Pick up your brush, throw it in some color and let the rest transpire.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Weight Loss and Yoga: A Journey Towards Finding Myself

      The girl who stood on the scale in November 2005 only cared about the numbers. She would have got on the scale every single day after yoga class counting every ounce lost or gained. Thankfully that girl has become wiser to what is truly important: love, acceptance, and peace.

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