• Use These 7 Crystals to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

      It is important to have a serene work environment to feel content and fulfilled, since this is the...

      Maria MoscatoMaria Moscato | November 29, 2016
    • 7 Convenient Ways to Cleanse Your Healing Crystals

      There are so many beneficial healing crystals to choose from that can complement your yoga lifestyle. But, how to cleanse your crystals? Find out more here!

      Maria MoscatoMaria Moscato | June 8, 2016
    • Product Review of The Biomat Mini (Video)

      The Biomat restores the beneficial energy that our ancestors got from nature. It is a pad that is comprised of pure, untreated natural amethyst crystals that provides your body with infrared energy otherwise limited by modern-day lifestyles and environments.

      YogiApprovedYogiApproved | February 11, 2016

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