Yogis in India Have Been Using this Berry as Soap for Thousands of Years

Turns out there is a 100% natural soap option that yogis in India have been using for thousands of years. There is now a company called Tree to Tub that is bringing this healthy alternative to the people! If you’re at all familiar with the nastiness of store-bought commercial cleansers, this is cause for celebration!

The soapberry fruit, known as Reetha in Hindi, is prized as a natural cleansing remedy in Ayurveda beginning in ancient Indian history. Yogis in India have incorporated the use of soapberry as spiritual routine cleansing along with their yoga practice.

With a gentle rub, the berry naturally lathers up between your palms. It’s naturally cleansing and antibacterial.
In Buddhism, the marble-like seed of the soapberry protects one’s spirit as it is considered the most sacred prayer bead (mala).
Connecting with the way you cleanse by reviving what Mother Earth provides us is valuably one of the most conscious habits of mindful living.
Here are 5 reasons why this holy gift as nature’s soap should be revitalized to replace our normal usage of commercial soaps.

1. 100% natural.

We are talking unprocessed and unaltered – soap fallen straight from a tree. In this modern day, who would have thought that nature could provide soap? Rub a single berry between your hands, and feel the naturally luxurious lather form in your very own palms.

2. Earth-friendly.

A single berry can provide 3-4 uses and once they’re suds are used up, soapberries are completely compostable. Artificial bubbles are washed down through our drainpipes and enter our eco-system. However, these berries are 100% biodegradable, so no menacing soapsuds swamping around and upsetting our home planet.

3. Multi-functional soap.

Soapberry is a multi-use all natural soap that seems to have an endless number of uses from hair and skin remedies, face wash, and even as a laundry detergent. With its antibacterial properties, it’s great for removing odors while simultaneously providing a gentle, chemical-free cleanse.

4. Gentle on skin and hair.

Soapberries are hypoallergenic meaning it’s safe for your sensitive skin. Contrary to its alternative name, “soap nut” it is actually a fruit so it’s nut-allergy safe. With a pH-balance of 5.5, it is the same as your skin and will protect your skin’s natural oils. No dryness, and many even opt out lotion and conditioners, leaving skin and hair smooth and soft.

5. No Animal Testing.

As nature’s plant-based soap without the chemical additives, no living being is harmed to test whether a product’s ingredients are safe for humans.
Check out Tree to Tub to learn more about this fantastic product.


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