16 Proven Methods to Help You Sleep Better

Marilyn Vinch
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Sleep is such a fundamental aspect of our lives that when we have trouble sleeping, we might blame it solely on our minds, our bodies, or our environment – thus overlooking the fact that these aspects are all connected.
Add to this the problem that worrying about sleep loss leads to further difficulty nodding off, and you’ll see why a more holistic approach to better sleep is necessary.
Naturally, yogis will turn to mindfulness for a solution.
Paying more attention to what you eat, your habits before bedtime, the way your room is decorated, and your relationship with sunlight (and by extension, your circadian rhythm) may seem like a complex solution, but it all comes back to one thing: being aware of yourself as a delicate instrument that both acts on and is acted on by the world around you . . .

Stop projecting your energy beyond the walls of your home.

Instead of getting lost in the screen of your iPhone before bedtime, try getting lost in your partner’s eyes or – just as nice! – a good book. Switch off your internet connections and stop projecting your energy beyond the walls of your home.
Likewise, covering up clocks and taking off your watch can help you better live in the moment and appreciate the tiredness in your own body and mind. You can then confront the worries that keep you awake as thoughts that you can’t (for now) do anything about, as opposed to anxieties that keep your heart beating and in turn, keep you awake long into the night.
These are just a few of the simple yet proven methods to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed. Ready to learn all the ways you can empower yourself to get the better sleep that you need and deserve every night? Check out this awesome infographic!



This infographic provides 16 effective tips that you can employ through mindfulness and greater self-knowledge in your quest for a better night. Sleep may be a complicated issue, but simplifying your relationship to your surroundings can prove a reliable path to more rewarding rest. Cheers to a great night’s sleep – every night! Sweet dreams, yogis!

Infographic provided by: OnStride

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Marilyn Vinch

Marilyn is a freelance writer and digital nomad currently based in London, UK. She covers topics connected to self-improvement, green living, and work/life balance.

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