Product Review: The Bhoga Infinity Blocks and Alignment Mat (Video)

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Yoga blocks are an important part of any yoga practice. They help with alignment, create modifications for most poses, and offer therapeutic benefits as well. Yet traditional blocks are just that – square and block-shaped – while your body’s contours are anything but. Bhoga is here to save the day, featuring products that promise effortless alignment. Bhoga is a Sanskrit word for “enjoyment,” or to enjoy all things in life. Bhoga, then, designs yoga props and yoga mats meant to help you enhance but also enjoy your yoga practice with blocks and mats that aid in precision alignment in a gentle, effective way. Let’s find out how.
Watch the video review below:

We’ll start with the Bhoga Infinity Block. ($45 for one, or $80 for two)

1. What is an “Infinity Block” and how is it different from a typical yoga block?

While a typical yoga block is shaped like an oversized brick, the infinity block is an ergonomic extension of your body’s natural shape and contours. This creates better, healthier, and more accurate alignment for any yoga pose. For those of you who have the original Bhoga infinity blocks, they were first made from poplar, a ‘soft’ hardwood. Recently, Bhoga has shifted to using rubber tree, one of the most sustainable and renewable woods, renowned for being a beautiful, dense hardwood. They weigh about 2.5 pounds, making them a sturdy support system for your yoga practice.

2. What are the features of the Infinity Block?

When you look at these beautifully smooth wooden blocks, you’ll immediately notice the elegant arch shape. This ergonomic shape is precisely designed to connect with your body – from the arches of your hands and feet, to the contours of your spine and neck, these blocks actually fit your body. The sides are rounded and open, allowing you to bring your hands, forearms, or feet through the blocks. Say goodbye to having to readjust yourself during certain yoga poses from those uncomfortable and unforgiving square edges, and say hello to an effective and super simple experience using the sleek infinity block design.

3. How do I use the Infinity Block?

Use the infinity block or blocks just as you would other yoga blocks. They can be used for balancing postures such as standing half moon pose, they can be used to help you find depth in challenging poses like triangle or pyramid. Infinity blocks are ideal for supported backbends and heart-openers such as reclining hero or even a supported savasana. You can also use them in downward dog to alleviate the excess pressure on your wrists. These blocks are stable, so they help tremendously in establishing a firm foundation in any pose. They are incredibly versatile, easy to maneuver, and bring a newfound fluidity to your yoga practice.
Let’s move on to the Bhoga Alignment Yoga Mat. ($76)
bhoga alignment yoga mat

1. What makes this yoga mat stand out from the rest?

The first defining feature that you’ll notice about this mat is the design. It’s a vibrant red mat adorned with white accents throughout. Not only is this a sharp looking design, it also serves a valuable purpose: teaching you proper alignment. This eye-catching pattern is a simple yet effective way to provide instant feedback on your alignment. Take downward facing dog for instance: place your hands on the top dots and your feet on the bottom dots (top and bottom offer two placements to fit any size yogi). Now you have a properly aligned down dog – no mirror or yoga teacher necessary!

2. Traction and durability:

This high-performance mat is visibly well made. It is 4mm thick and provides a nice cushy feel on any surface. It has a grippy bottom and good traction – you won’t slip or have to readjust yourself during a pose, though you may want to use a yoga towel for hot yoga or excess sweating. Bhoga’s alignment mat is also durable. It can take a beating and still look brand new. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean, and overall this yoga mat has a great user experience.

3. Value:

When it comes to yoga mats, you truly do get what you pay for, and quality should be a top priority. Yet Bhoga offers this high-quality, alignment-focused mat for the reasonable price of $76. You’re investing in a quality product that actually teaches you proper form.
The Infinity Blocks are unique, well made, and highly effective. While they’re priced higher than a typical yoga block, you’re getting so much more for your money: better alignment, ergonomic design that works with your body, and made from a renewable source that’s not only functional but beautiful!
Use code YA15 for 15% off your purchase until 12/31/15.
Whether you’re looking to enhance your home yoga practice, looking to bring your yoga practice to the next level, or learn better alignment, Bhoga is here for you! The infinity blocks and alignment yoga mat are two excellent, simple, and effective ways to bring your yoga practice – and your physical understanding of it – to the next level. For all these reasons, Bhoga is 100% YogiApproved™. You can shop these items at

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