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Feeling Uninspired? Here’s How to Use Meditation to Boost Your Creativity

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Meditation has quite an impressive number of benefits, and among them is its mind-blowing impact on your creativity. If you’re a creator of any kind – playing with yoga, dance, painting, or cuisine, meditation for creativity has many surprises in store for you.

Since I became a yoga teacher and embarked on this path, I’ve found myself enjoying the process of creating new classes, writing blog posts, and sharing on Instagram. It is freeing to let my creativity shine through my everyday work while I connect with the yoga community and my students.

If you’re a creator yourself, you’ll know creativity is an elusive creature. Sometimes your mind doesn’t cooperate. You could experience writer’s block – I find that sometimes my lack of confidence takes over and has me wondering if what I’m writing about and talking about in class actually brings value to the world.

On the days you feel down and uninspired, stop everything. Try reading, watching documentaries and TV shows, or listening to podcasts and music because to feel inspired, you need inspiration, right? Inspiring input feeds your creative mind.

And then, try to meditate.

How Meditation For Creativity Works

Mediation comes in handy when tracking down creativity. Here’s how:

1. It helps you process your input.

Sitting in silence helps your brain organize all the colors, sounds, and words you’ve listened to or read. After all, creativity is about connecting ideas and connecting the dots, and this can be challenging if your mind is a mess.
Sitting in meditation gives you the space to set up your “inner desk,” and it helps bring the clarity you need to create.

2. It helps you see things from a different perspective.

This is a very useful tool. The reason we get stuck is because we lose precious perspective – we lose sight of the bigger picture. By observing and focusing on your breath, and staying present when your mind wanders, you can filter out the trivial from the important.
Making this distinction creates space in your mind, allowing you to see things more clearly.


3. It develops patience.

Being a creator – whatever it is that you create – requires lots of patience. Whether it’s painting, drawing, writing, baking, teaching, playing music, or dancing, you know the result is rarely there on Day 1.
Creating requires time, effort, dedication, and patience is a quality you can never have too much of. Sitting in meditation enables you to practice your patience, sitting, observing, practicing doing nothing and resting your mind.

4. It gets the ideas flowin’.

As we touched on earlier, meditation helps you to connect the dots and organize your mind. Going back to the image of the “inner desk,” imagine this: as you gather new supplies and new tools, you can spend time reorganizing things. Maybe instead of ordering by color you’ll start using shape, or instead of shape you’ll start using material, and so on.
Seeing things clearly frees up space. In your mind, this might materialize as a new topic you’d like to discuss on your blog, or maybe you’ll know how to pair two poses together for your next yoga or dance sequence. Words might pop into your mind for your next poem or your next book, you might find colors and images for your next painting.
So, stay focused. Take in the colors, the dialogues, the music, the settings, and the stories in from your sources of input. You can even take notes while you listen to music or watch your favorite show to make sure you’re paying attention to the details.
Once the show is over, sit down to meditate. Let your mind process it all and let the ideas come to you. Then, get creating and watch your magic unfold!

Harnessing Your Creativity Through Meditation

Meditation is such a versatile tool. Not only does it bring you inner peace and help release physical tension, but it also leads you to connect to your mind and ideas in new ways and on a deeper level. As creators, we’d be making a mistake if we didn’t make use of it.
Remember that you can always return to meditation to harness your creative energy.

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Ely is a writer and editorial director at Shut Up & Yoga magazine. She’s a yogi, world traveler, life student, and language nerd. She believes in the power of change, and likes to look at it through words and ideas. You can find more of her work on her multilingual platform, EB's Notebook, where she writes about social responsibility, creativity, slow living, traveling, and more. She currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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