6 New Years Resolution Ideas For Personal Growth In 2018

Every year, we take on our New Years resolution list – bursting with motivation and excitement – feeling ready to do whatever it takes to stay committed to the goals we’ve created for ourselves.

Often, only a few short weeks in, our efforts start to diminish as we begin to feel like our resolutions aren’t as attainable as we originally imagined.

The key to following through with your resolutions is to always work with yourself, not against yourself.

The key to following through with your resolutions is to always work with yourself, not against yourself. Only choose resolutions that you’re confident you’ll be able to achieve by making sure they’re both realistic and sustainable for the long term.
Finding New Years resolutions that you’re positive you can stick with can be difficult, so we’ve created a list of 6 achievable resolutions that are worth setting and realistic to achieve.

Set Yourself Up for New Years Success With a Solid Game-plan

As you create your New Years resolutions, write them as a list of both big and small goals you’d like to accomplish in the new year. Create a timeline of when you’d like to complete these goals, starting with the easily accomplished and working your way up to the more difficult ones.
The best part? This list isn’t written in stone! You can continually make additions and revisions to your list as time goes by.
Pro Tip: Keep your list somewhere you’ll see everyday. That could be in your day planner, on your computer screen, on sticky notes stuck to a mirror, or even on a vision board.
For more steps on how to effectively plan and achieve your goals, check out this article!

Here Are 6 New Years Resolution Ideas For Personal Growth In 2018:


1. Do Something Every Month That Scares You

Trying new things, especially when they’re a little freaky, can be challenging, but it’s absolutely essential for personal growth. New experiences help keep your mind open, your curiosity alive, and your life interesting!
And truly, these new experiences can be as miniscule or monumental as you wish. You can try a new food, class, or hairstyle, or you can go skydiving, hike a mountain, or even hold a tarantula.
Pro Tip: If the idea of trying a specific something new scares you, you should probably try it. 😉


This is a New Years resolution we should all embrace in 2018. When you choose to quitchya bitchin’, you replace negative thoughts, complaints, and words with positive ones . . . because positive thoughts create a positive life! And a positive mindstate will make all of your other resolutions easier to attain.
Implement this by becoming mindful of your complaints or negative emotions. When you catch yourself in this downward spiral, actively choose to replace these thoughts with positive ones. Try it out and see what happens!
Pro Tip: Tell other people to help keep you accountable. When other people are also noticing when you complain and bitch, it’ll be easier to stop yourself.

3. Schedule “Me Time”

Start planning for, and literally penciling in, “Me Time.” Add it to your daily schedule so you never forget to take this all important, re-energizing time for yourself.
Once it’s scheduled into your day, the chances of you doing it become much greater! Pick up a book, take a well deserved nap, get a cute mani, go to yoga, or do anything else makes you feel great!
Pro Tip: Treat this important time as an “appointment,” and make sure not to cancel on yourself!


4. Stop Rushing Yourself

Allowing yourself about 5-10 extra minutes to arrive to each destination ensures a punctual arrival, and helps you avoid that “constantly rushed” feeling some of us tend to get.
Once at your destination, relish any spare minutes you may have by collecting your thoughts, grabbing a coffee, or sending a nice message to a family member or friend!
Pro Tip: Check the traffic reports to see exactly how long it will take you to get to your destination, and adjust your departure time accordingly.

5. Mindfully Eliminate Bad Habits (Lookin’ At You, Screen Time Junkie!)

Take time to mindfully recognize exactly what your “bad” habits are, but don’t bring judgment or shame to the table. Instead, come up with a plan of action on how you can eliminate them. Your personal growth depends on it!
Whether it’s smoking cigarettes or spending less time on your phone or social media, eliminate the habits that don’t empower you. Remember – it can take up to 66 days to break a habit!
Pro Tip: Notice how your habit makes you feel, and in turn how eliminating it makes you feel. For example: do yourself a favor and replace 20 minutes of screen time a day with some sort of analog activity!

6. Choose Presence and Gratitude Daily

The truth of the matter is: you can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future. Focusing on either will only bring you anxiety and worry. Instead, enable your personal growth by daily choosing to stay present and grateful for this awesome life you life.
It’s in your best interest to focus on making the best of the present moment. Some fantastic ways to find presence and gratitude are meditation, saying “thank you,” and telling people how much you appreciate them (make sure to include yourself in all that love!).

“I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.” -Jack Dawson, Titanic

Pro Tip: Whenever you find yourself out of presence and gratitude, remind yourself to stop and take a breath – trade in that negativity for a reminder of the present moment.

New Year, Same You, More Love <3

Whether or not you try any of these New Years resolutions or create your own, remember that just because it’s the start of the new year, it doesn’t mean this is your only opportunity to start over or switch things up!
While it’s always fun to kick off a new year with some bright and shiny resolutions, keep in mind that for true personal growth you should be treating every day of the year as you would the first day of the year!
Consistently choose personal growth every day! Smash out your goals, be more kind, be more grateful, and . . . oh, yeah . . .
Can’t get enough self-improvement tips for the upcoming year? Read Decluttering Your Life in 2018!

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