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Your Complete Guide to Capricorn Zodiac + 5 Stabilizing Yoga Poses for This Earth Sign

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Capricorn is wise beyond her years. She possesses a monk-like patience with a cool, down-to-earth-Kate-Middleton vibe. Spoiler alert: did you know the Duchess of Cambridge is actually a Capricorn?

She is a careful thinker and has a devoted appreciation for tradition . . . you might even call her an old soul. In fact, while others fawn over the latest boy band group or electronic music craze, Capricorn is the one with an impressive vinyl collection and knows every word to The Beatles’ White Album by heart.
There’s much more to Capricorn, so read on!
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The Capricorn Zodiac Sign at a Glance

Born: December 22-January 19
Element: Earth
Ruled by: Saturn
Symbol: Goat
Best romantic matches: Taurus, Pisces, Virgo

Here are the three main characteristics of a Capricorn:

Whether this sign belongs to you or not, this information will help you understand this cool, collected Earth sign a little better.

1. Capricorn Is a Dreamer AND Doer

Capricorn has high aspirations for herself and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This sign refuses to let fear, or any other obstacle, keep her on the sidelines.
She sees a vision board as a to-do list, and won’t wait around to let serendipity make its rounds . . . but she isn’t a blind risk-taker either. Thanks to her ruling planet of Saturn, stability, self-discipline, and patience are all key strengths of Capricorn.
She’s always focused on the big picture, even if it means sacrificing a wild night out on the town. But she also knows how to have a good time. Her easy-going and confident personality makes her a friendly face in a crowd of strangers. However, while Capricorn has many acquaintances, only a lucky few get accepted into her inner circle.

2. Capricorn Never Settles

Capricorn is gifted with seeing everything as a project or opportunity. With a laser focus and keen ambition, she finds joy in her work. This also means she must find purpose in everything she does, and she plans on changing the world!

To achieve her vision, she’ll go above and beyond, put in extra hours and burn the midnight oil without batting an eyelash.

Is Mercury in retrograde, or are you feeling an existential crisis looming around the corner? Call up your Capricorn friend. Her realist perspective will shake you up and out of your comfort zone, igniting the growth you need. Or, she’ll offer you a stable shoulder to lean on and help pick up the pieces.

3. Capricorn Knows how to Keep Her Cool

No matter the situation, Capricorn knows how to stay neutral, calm, and collected. She’s able to find stability in chaos, which makes her an asset to the workplace. She isn’t fazed by tight deadlines or demanding bosses. In fact, she welcomes the challenge, allowing her resourcefulness and experience make impressive judgment calls.
And when it comes to love, her allure is so fierce it’s almost intimidating. It takes a rare individual to tap into Capricorns emotional depth. Once they do, they’ll know her for the truly special person she is and they’ll be treated with an unshakable love and devotion that the world only gets a glimpse of.


Practice These 5 Yoga Poses to Embrace Your Inner Capricorn and Build up your Calm, Inner Strength!

Capricorn is known for her stability, focus and calm nature. Tap into that power with these yoga poses.

1. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose

This child’s pose variation helps you build a relaxed, yet grounded, foundation while gently opening your hips, elongating your spine, and relaxing your mind.
How to Practice Wide-Legged Child’s Pose

  • Find a comfortable seated position
  • Bring your shins under your sit-bones, and widen your knees as wide as the mat
  • Gently fold forward, letting your belly drop between your thighs
  • Stretch your arms out in front of you, palms facing down
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


2. Seated Tree

This relaxed pose keeps you closely connected to the Earth while lengthening your spine and stretching your calves.
How to Practice Seated Tree

  • Find a comfortable seated position
  • Stretch both legs out in front of you, flexing your feet with your toes pointing upward
  • Bring one foot in to the inside of your shin, calf, or thigh
  • Sit tall, lifting with your chest, and raise your arms up to “grow” your branches!
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


3. Garland Pose

By keeping you low to the ground, this pose helps root into patience and focus while opening your hips and stretching your ankles, lower hamstrings, back and neck.
How to Practice Garland Pose

  • Find Mountain Pose
  • Bring your feet at least shoulder-width distance apart, pointing your toes out slightly to the sides
  • Lower your hips down to the ground, with your hands at heart’s center finding prayer
  • Press your elbows against your inner thighs for a gentle hip stretch, and try to keep your heels on the mat
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


4. Triangle Pose

This pose is a “swiss army knife” stretch. It stretches your legs, hips, hamstrings, and chest while strengthening your abdominals, obliques, and gently twisting your spine to release tension and toxins.
How to Practice Triangle Pose

  • Find Warrior II Pose
  • Straighten your front leg
  • Hinge forward from your hip, lowering your front palm to your mat or block on the outside of your front foot, opposite arm to the sky
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


5. Pyramid Pose

This intense pose challenges your ability to stay focused and calm while stretching the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings. Be sure to keep your hips as square as possible during Pyramid, your back leg might try to pop one hip up!
pyramid pose
How to Practice Pyramid Pose

  • From Triangle Pose, bring your back leg up towards your front by about six inches
  • Point your back toes to face your front toes
  • Square your hips and slowly fold forward, holding onto your front thigh or shin for support
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


Celebrate the Capricorn Earth Sign

Capricorn, we could learn a thing or two from your strong will and unwavering drive. Thank you for being an inspiration, encouraging us to chase our dreams and always have a plan in our back pocket.
We will follow up with an article for each sign of the zodiac, so be sure to stay tuned for the next sign.

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