How to Listen to Your Dharma and Find Your True Life Purpose

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“Dharma” is a Sanskrit word that translates literally to “right direction,” “rightful duty,” or “righteous living.” But the concept of dharma has a far deeper meaning than its direct translation. Essentially, your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do.
Ancient yoga texts describe dharma as an inner wisdom, or a cosmic guidance that governs not only you and me as individuals, but the entire Universe itself! So how do you find – and then follow – your inner dharma?
As abstract as the concept of dharma sounds, there are ways to listen to your own inner voice of this dharma . . . IF you can identify it above all the other voices around you – of your culture, of your conscience, of society’s expectations, and of beliefs handed down through generations.
We can easily get lost in the chaos of all these voices, but once we can access and become attuned to it, our dharma acts as a guiding light. And once we become aware of our true purpose, we can step into our full power and potential.

Here are five ways of tuning into your unique voice of the dharma that’s guiding you:


1. The Trail of Joy

Follow your joy, and it will lead you straight to your dharma. I might say joy is the easiest way to find that inner guiding voice and follow your dharma!
What makes you joyful? What makes your heart sing? What makes your soul shine? Whether it’s nature or art or poetry, look for the joy that’s calling to you, and simply follow it. If you follow those things that fill you with joy, your inner purpose will find you! As the saying goes, “Follow your bliss – it will always lead you home.”

2. The Track of Synchronicity

Synchronicity happens when a series of events guide you toward a particular next step. It’s a phenomenon that the Universe uses to show you that you’re on the right track, and to show you your next steps. When you can listen to your inner guiding voice, it will illuminate these synchronicities.
Take note of any synchronistic events or occurrences that show up in your life, and follow their clues! The more you become aware of the synchronicities in your life, the easier it will be to recognize and understand them.

The more you become aware of the synchronicities in your life, the easier it will be to recognize and understand them.


3. The Highway of Letting Go

Being able to let go of the things, people, beliefs and behaviors that are not serving your purpose might be the hardest, but also the most essential step of finding your dharma.
When we don’t let them go, we’re weighed down by them. It’s only when we can consciously let them go that we can make room for more of the things, people and blessings that align us with our purpose. Because when one door closes, another opens . . .


4. The Path of Practice

The above three methods are ideal for finding your inner voice that guides you to your dharma. But it doesn’t end there! Once you’ve found your purpose, you then must listen to and follow it by practicing whatever it is on a regular basis.
Any practice that leads you to your dharma – whether it’s yoga and meditation, or nature and art, make a ritual to include them into your daily life. The more you practice, the closer you get to your soul’s purpose!

The more you practice, the closer you get to your soul’s purpose!


5. The Way of Being

Paradoxical to the step above, where practice can mean action, it is just as important to make time in your day for non-action – for doing nothing – and simply being.
If you can step away from your phone, facebook and email, and take time to invite more “being” into your life – by going for a walk each day, or taking a solitary retreat once a month – you will find opportunities to realign with the cycles of nature, the energy of the universe, and the center of your Being.

The Takeaway

Start by accessing that guiding voice within yourself. We all possess it – it’s simply a matter of recognizing and becoming attuned to it. Through this guiding voice, we can begin to find our true purpose in life – our dharma.
When each of us can practice using our joys, talents, and gifts to express ourselves in the best way possible, to fulfill our potential and purpose, we will create and participate in a society full of dharmic beings. Thus, we will help create a more conscious planet – something we as a human race need more now than ever before.

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