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Learn. Grow. Shift?

Learn. Grow. Shift. is an approachable, enjoyable and effective tool for personal growth. It will help you establish positive habits, engage in self-reflection, and work through 30 days of learning, growing and shifting in all areas of your life.

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Learning new things is essential for personal growth. Throughout the journal, you’ll be prompted to learn something new that's related to your daily work so you come away with a deeper sense of knowledge and understanding.


Personal growth is the most important work we'll ever do. This journal will challenge you to grow in all areas of your life, from your perspective to your sense of self-confidence and your ability to relate to the world. You'll also grow into your path and life purpose.


By taking the time to learn and grow, your entire perspective will shift. Just imagine the shift you'll create after 30 days!

It Starts With a Mantra

Start each day with a mantra, learn about its meaning, then apply it in a written reflection and accompanying practice (yoga, meditation, and other fun techniques). You’ll come away with a sparkling sense of self-assurance and an ability to step confidently into your power and your purpose.

$24 - Get the book

What Readers Are Saying

  • “I've purchased an additional 3 books to gift to friends. HIGHLY recommend! Best investment of the year!” - Robin

  • "It is such an amazing book. Seriously this is something everyone can benefit from. I love it. ❤️ I will probably reflect back on it on all of the tough days that come my way! I will totally complete it again with her!" - Michelle A.

  • "Very cute, practical workbook. I used it for my July 31-day yoga challenge and it was perfect!" - Jessica

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Are you living a paper-free lifestyle? We’ve got just the thing for you! Download the convenient Learn. Grow. Shift. editable PDF and enjoy all the benefits of this workbook on your computer, tablet or phone.

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From the Author

As a big believer in self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, and a solid yoga practice, I constantly seek new methods of sharing valuable wisdom and promoting personal growth so others can find their purpose, make their dreams a reality, and live a positive and fulfilled life.

I created this workbook to help you learn, grow, and shift in all areas of your life.

Know that when you show up and do the work, you have already set in motion the positive growth you seek. You have sent a message to the Universe loud and clear that you are attracting all the good, all the growth, abundance, light and love that you deserve.

Writing this workbook made my soul sing. May completing it bring you the same peace and fulfillment.

In love and light,
Ashton August (Founder of

Learn. Grow. Shift.

Beginning your day on a positive note is such a powerful way to set the tone for your day. You will feel more positive, confident, grounded, and present. This is why your workbook is designed to be your morning practice - it’s the way you’ll start your day for the next 30 days.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey to personal growth?

$24 - Get the book
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