6 Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands to Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

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Whether you leave the house with a full face of makeup or just a swipe of lip balm, choosing the right beauty products is now more important than ever before.

Today’s beauty products are full of hazardous chemicals that can irritate your skin, cause disruptions to your internal organs and even cause cancer!

For these reasons, you should choose natural and organic beauty brands with ingredients that you can identify and pronounce.

Here Are 6 Eco-Beauty Brands That Are Quality Tested and YogiApproved™:


1. Kari Gran

Kari Gran is an all-natural, eco-luxe skin care brand that provides simple, elegant and clean beauty solutions that work flawlessly for yogis of any age and skin type.

The Mineral Powder Concealer is easy to apply, lightweight and provides all-day coverage of blemishes and imperfections. Tested and approved on sensitive skin, the Lightweight Mineral Foundation provides great coverage that still allows the skin to breathe.

Try the Foundation Sample Kit to help you identify your perfect shade. The Mineral Eye Shadow in sandalwood looks great on all complexions, and it can be applied as-is or mixed with water to create an all-day liner.

The Setting Powder keeps makeup from melting off your face, even after a workout or hours in the sun, and it goes on smoothly without any buildup or residue. With Kari Gran’s beauty products, you can feel the quality without the high price point.

2. Kiss My Honey

Kiss My Honey does one thing, and they have perfected it! The company creates organic honey lip balms that are locally made in sunny Las Vegas and are free of preservatives, chemicals and parabens.

The lip balm is available in two delicious flavors: chocolate and mint. The balms are made of organic ingredients that you can pronounce and identify easily: beeswax, coconut oil, unrefined Shea butter, Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract and almond oil – all of which provide nourishment, anti-aging properties and antioxidants.
The Chocolate and Organic Mint balms taste great independently, but combine them and bam! You have a York Peppermint Patty right on your smackers.

They don’t just taste great, but they also leave your lips feeling nourished and hydrated. Try this lip balm and you just might leave your old balm behind in the dust.

3. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques brings a new and innovative approach to makeup with its use of the finest, natural and certified organic ingredients that enhance your natural beauty and nourish your skin.
The Lash Strengthening Mascara looks great on, without hardening, flaking or clumping, and lasts all day even through physical activity and mild perspiration.

The Pressed Foundation creates a smooth, matte finish that stays on your skin for hours without reapplying, and it comes in a portable compact with a built-in mirror that you can toss in your purse or gym bag.

The Bronzer is a loose mineral formula that provides an excellent hue and goes on smoothly to give you a nice sunkissed look. If you wear makeup and are a fan of contouring and you haven’t tried a blending sponge, you are missing out!

The Pure Complexion Blending Sponge allows you to smoothly blend bronzer, skin highlighters and even cream blush without leaving your fingers covered with excess makeup.

Check out Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques’ exquisite cruelty-free product line and know that you are making a conscious choice for the care of your skin.

4. Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics is a professional-grade modern and organic makeup line that is made in Wisconsin.
The Eye Pencils are easy to apply with their smooth-gliding application. The colors are bold, including the super fun and Flirty Mint or the Classic Night shades, and the pencils are the perfect size to throw in your bag so you can be put together at a moment’s notice.

The Organic Creme Highlighter is a light formula that glides on smoothly and gives your skin a subtle, golden hue. The creme adds enough rouge to lift your cheekbones and add a little color to your face, but best of all, the tube is perfect to throw in your bag and apply on the go.

Try these two portable beauty essentials and give your skin the pure indulgence it deserves.

5. Josie Maran Cosmetics

Josie Maran Cosmetics is all about making luxury makeup with a conscience. They use top of the line, organic ingredients that promise – and follow through on the promise – to perform.

Josie Maran focuses on enhancing your natural beauty with natural products that condition and nourish with their favorite key ingredient: argan oil.
The Argan Black Oil Mascara lengthens, volumizes, and conditions your lashes, plus it lasts all day. Infused with argan oil, the Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer is one of our top picks from Josie Maran.

It will make your eyes and cheeks look and feel radiant. Argan Oil Light has so many wonderful uses, from a moisturizer to makeup primer and even on your hair, it will repair and replenish without feeling greasy.


W3LL People creates premium quality cosmetics that are made without harmful artificial chemicals to achieve a no-makeup look with excellent coverage in lightweight formulas.
The award-winning Expressionist Mascara has an easy to apply application that creates big and bold lashes – even all of the hard to catch tiny lashes – without clumping or flaking!

It makes your eyes look big and awake, even if you are not, without looking like you have thick spider legs. The Bio Bronzer Stick is a highly-pigmented stick bronzer that applies with a dark hue, but rubs in nicely and is great to achieve the high-cheekboned, contoured look.

W3LL PEOPLE’s high-performing beauty staples will help you let your natural beauty shine through.

Which Eco-Friendly Makeup Brand Do You Love the Most?

If you still use the same drugstore makeup brands, then you might want to reconsider your next purchase, as you may be unnecessarily exposing yourself to toxins and contaminants that are harmful to your health.

Your skin is essentially a giant sponge that absorbs more than half of what is applied to it, so shop wisely and choose high-quality natural and organic beauty products.

It is up to you to research the products that you use on a daily basis, so you can make informed decisions on what you put on your previous skin.

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