Review of the Active Balance Fitness Ball from Epitome Fitness

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Fitness balls are one of the easiest and most versatile fitness tools you can use. Often referred to as stability balls or exercise balls, they have been a popular form of fitness for decades.
You can use a fitness ball for yoga, pilates, strengthening and toning, increasing your stability, and even as a chair replacement to help strengthen and activate the core at your desk.
In this product review, we are checking out the Active Balance Fitness Ball from Epitomie Fitness.
Epitomie Fitness is a top-selling fitness product brand on They have a wide selection of high-quality fitness and fitness recovery products.


Main Features of the Active Balance Fitness Ball

This high quality fitness ball by Epitomie Fitness is great for beginners, with 10 exercises printed directly onto the ball for easy reference. These exercises are the most common stability ball routines for strengthening upper body, core, and lower body, along with techniques to help you gain balance.
Each exercise is accompanied with an illustration and written instructions so you know exactly how to do each move safely and effectively. If you’re new to using a fitness ball, these exercises are an excellent guide. If you’re seasoned, you’ll appreciate this particular fitness ball for its quality and ease of use.

Important Details to Know

When you purchase this fitness ball, you will also receive a complete set of accessories which includes Epitomie Fitness’s Strong Body & Strong Core eBook, hand pump, plugs, and plug remover. The eBook is a training guide that contains over 30 exercises and also a recommended workout routine.
The Active Balance Fitness Ball is offered in three sizes (55, 65, or 75cm) and comes in either blue or red. You can check out the size chart on the page to determine which size is best for you. The ball is made out of extremely durable material and can hold up to 500 pounds.

What We Love Most

This is a comprehensive fitness ball kit, which means you’re coming away with so much more than just the ball itself. This is particularly awesome for someone new to using a fitness ball, since you have guidance to support your learning.
We also love the awesome value of this fitness ball, based on its high quality and all the additional things you get along with your purchase. For all of these reasons, the Active Balance Fitness Ball by Epitomie Fitness is 100% YogiApproved™.
To learn more about this brand or the product we reviewed here, you can visit their website at

Shop this Fitness Ball

Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Fitness Ball ($19.97)

The Active Balance fitness ball is the #1 rated fitness ball on Amazon. 13 of the most popular exercises for using a fitness ball are printed on the ball including core, upper body and leg stability and balance techniques. Shop this ball


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