Everything You Need To Know About Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

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The term “healthy fat” may sound like a contradiction at first. In the midst of diet sodas and fat-free or sugar-free everything, we’ve been conditioned to think that all fat is bad for us – that all fat will make us gain weight.
But the reality is that while some fats can cause negative health effects, “healthy fats” are actually good for us, and that includes how they impact our weight management. Coconut oil can help regulate metabolism, blood sugar, appetite and more.

“Healthy fats” are actually good for weight management.

Coconut oil contains MCT, which stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT has been found to boost energy, increase metabolism, and burn fat. Consuming MCT helps your body burn – as opposed to store – fat (especially when consumed with a meal), creating a thermogenic effect.
It’s important to note that the type of coconut oil you choose is also important. Be sure to use unrefined, virgin coconut oil because the process of refining actually degrades the good-for-you triglycerides. Now that we know a bit more about coconut oil, we can evaluate how to incorporate it into your weight loss strategy.

Here are 5 ways coconut oil can help you lose weight:


1. Curb Appetite

Healthy fats actually help curb appetite by slowing digestion and making you feel fuller longer which helps you resist snacking throughout the day. There are so many ways to enjoy coconut oil – try adding it to your coffee or smoothie, or using it as a butter or olive oil replacement in cooking.

2. Burn Fat + Calories

Studies have shown that consuming the healthy fats in coconut oil actually burns fat, so in this sense you are fighting fire with fire (or shall we say, fighting fat with fat)! Other studies have shown that people who replace other fats with MCT burn more calories – even while resting.

3. Natural Energy Boost

Athletes love MCT because in addition to improving metabolism and burning fat, it also increases their energy levels. Just as carbs provide a spike in energy, coconut oil does the same, but without storing any fat – so you get streamlined and fast-acting energy. Medium chain fats metabolize differently from other fats and are used as energy as opposed to being stored.

4. Digestive Health

Being regular is really important to your body’s overall health by keeping your metabolism in check and ridding the body of toxins. From their meat, flour, and oil, coconuts support digestive health. The fatty acids in coconut oil promote good bacteria in the gut and increase metabolism so food is digested quicker, which in turn produces more regular bowel movements.

5. Control Blood Sugar

Spikes in your blood sugar lead to sugar cravings resulting from the crash that follows the spike.
Studies have found that the MCTs in coconut oil can help fight insulin resistance (which is linked to excess weight) and may even reduce the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.
Coconut oil is a great start to your health and wellness routine, and will help with your weight loss efforts. Yet it’s important to remember that losing weight and staying healthy are both about lifestyle. In addition to consuming coconut oil, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and stay active with regular exercise.

Think about creative ways you can revamp your daily routine for optimal wellness. Consider replacing an hour of television with an hour of yoga, and swapping out that sugary energy drink for a cup of green tea or coconut water. All these small steps add up to a healthier, fitter you. Cheers to your health!

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