These 6 Everyday Uses for Castor Oil Are Handy AF!

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Castor oil isn’t just your grandmother’s remedy. With over 700 castor oil uses, it’s a versatility superstar.

Castor beans are pressed to make castor oil. The oil originated in tropical Africa and Asia, where it’s been in use for thousands of years. Castor oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties and is classified as a monounsaturated fatty acid. This makes it great for skin/scalp/hair care and to treat irritations.

Castor oil is also an abundant source of ricinoleic acid. This acid has painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects.

For your personal use, castor oil is inexpensive, effective, and easy to find. Let’s check out a few amazing ways you can incorporate this popular oil into your everyday life.

Here Are 6 Castor Oil Uses for Everyday Life:

With all of its perks, it’s easy to see why people have been using castor oil as a remedy for so many things for so long. Here are six handy ways to use it in your daily life.

1. Moisturizer

It is oil after all. But, specifically, the triglycerides castor oil contains help penetrate deep into your skin.

2. Skin Care

Castor oil will benefit your skin care regimen, whether you’re looking for a sunburn remedy, to reduce acne, or fight the signs of aging.

To treat inflamed skin from a sunburn, soothe yourself with a bit of castor oil directly on the burn. It cools like aloe and can help treat any blisters that may arise.

For acne reduction, cleanse your skin with warm water and apply the castor oil by lightly massaging it into your face with a gentle, circular motion. You can keep it on overnight and wash your face in the morning with refreshing, cold water.

To fight the signs of aging, apply castor oil to stimulate collagen and elastin production. After cleaning your face, just put a few drops of castor oil on a cotton ball and smooth across your skin. Give special attention to the corners of and space under your eyes as these sensitive areas frequently show fine lines first.
Castor oil can also help fade small scars and blemishes. Repeat as often as you perform your usual beauty regimen. For scars, keep the oil on as long as possible, including overnight. Be sure to wash it off in the morning.
As with all topical substances, it’s always a good idea to dab a small amount on your skin to see if there’s any allergic reaction before broad application.

3. Hair Care and Growth

Applying castor oil can increase the circulation in your scalp, and protect hair follicles. More blood circulation will increase the nutrients flowing to your now softer, stronger hair, helping it grow while also protecting it.

Just separate your hair into sections and massage a small amount of oil into your scalp for a few minutes, then your hair. (Using a dropper bottle can help you control the amount.) Then, cover it with a shower cap for at least two hours, and wash it out after.

You can also add a bit of coconut oil to enhance the fragrance. Repeating once or twice a week should show results quickly.

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4. Fungus Fighter

If you’re suffering from athlete’s foot or ringworm, castor oil can help with that too! It prevents the growth of fungus to reduce and eventually eliminate skin fungal infections. Apply topically three times a day and get ready for relief.

5. Wound Care

Castor oil can help to care for wounds in three ways.

First, when applied to a wound, it fosters a moist environment that prevents dryness, and that helps scabs form and heal properly. Second, it works as an antibacterial. And lastly, it helps preemptively treat the scar the scab will leave behind.

To reduce the risk of any reactions with additives, look for 100% natural castor oil.


6. Laxative

If you know any castor oil uses, chances are you know it as an effective laxative. If you’re suffering from constipation, sipping some castor oil will get things moving in the right direction. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Seriously, castor oil is a natural, stimulative laxative which means it stimulates powerful movement in the intestine. People have been using it for this purpose for hundreds of years.

Just be sure to follow the bottle’s directions and make sure it’s suitable for internal use. Only ingest small amounts on an empty stomach for occasional relief as excessive use can lead to diarrhea and other complications.

Note that pregnant women should avoid ingesting castor oil because it may induce labor.

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The Takeaway on Castor Oil Uses: Pour a Little Castor Oil Into Your Routine!

It is well worth keeping a bottle of castor oil on hand at home.

With it, you’ll be better equipped to take on everyday tasks and treat the not-so-planned parts of your life.

Take a nap in the sun, have a second helping of three-bean salad, you’re prepared with all of your new-found castor oil uses.

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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