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Subscription boxes have become all the rage recently. They are a fun way to find and test out new products that enrich your life. They feel like Christmas each month when you open them, because each box contains all new surprise items, and you never know what you’ll get next! Introducing Buddhibox, a wonderful yoga lifestyle subscription box making a big splash in the yoga world for yogis who love to find new products to help them live a healthy, happy lifestyle.
Buddhibox is named from the Sanskrit word “Buddhi,” which means a path toward enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Each month, you’ll be sent a box filled with exciting contents to help you on your path of spiritual awareness. What’s more is that you’ll find new items you may not have known about, and you can share your findings with friends and family. Sounds pretty intriguing, right? Let’s take a look at what makes the December edition of Buddhibox such a fun augmentation to your yoga practice on and off the mat:


First Impressions

The box itself is cute, about the size of a birthday cake, and it comes packed to the brim. The Buddhibox logo is stamped on the box lid, just beckoning to you to open it…
Opening your Buddhibox is an exciting experience – it feels just like Christmas, transporting you right back to your childhood. You can’t hardly wait to pull the tissue paper back to see the treasures hidden beneath. The first thing you will see is three postcards – these will come with every box. Beneath these cards, each item fits in its place perfectly, packed in a clear order. The box is mindfully organized, which is echoed in Buddhibox’s alignment with the Niyamas (yogic codes to live by) and particularly Saucha, or purity. The box is free of extra packaging or waste of any kind, proving that there is a true intention behind the contents and commitment to environmental consciousness. The first impression, and the sensory experience of opening it, is just as exciting as unwrapping each of its contents, making this box a special treat for yourself or a loved one.


An important aspect of any subscription box is in the curation. The concept of a subscription box is the intrigue of surprise each month. Each item in Buddhibox is unique, beautiful and something you would legitimately be excited to receive (no filler here!). While Buddhibox chooses a different charity to donate to each month, December is especially philanthropic as each brand within the box will donate to their chosen charity, so you know that on top of all the fun you’re having, you’re also giving back. Buddhibox will donate a portion of this month’s sales to a non-profit called Sharing the Gift of Yoga, which provides yoga classes and holistic treatments in Children’s Hospitals. We just love this!
Buddhibox is dedicated to not only enriching your life through the items you get, but also enriching the lives of people in need, who you support through the purchase of this box. The items of the December box are centered on self-care, so you can pamper yourself this holiday season and enjoy it all the more knowing that your purchase is supporting important charities and causes.

Here is what the December Buddhibox contains:

Three Cards: Three cards accompany every Buddhibox. There is a yoga pose card that gives the Sanskrit name, and outlines its associated benefits – fun and informative. The next card contains a mouthwatering and healthy recipe for you to try, and the third card offers a beautifully inspiring quote on the front, with a complete list of contents and their value on the back.
Buddha Teas Chakra Tea: This is a high-quality tea infused with crystal essences that correspond to each chakra, creating a delicious herbal blend that promotes wellness. Buddha Teas has partnered with Trees For Us to plant 5,000 new trees each year!
Love ROWAN Antlers For Orphans Necklace: This unique antler pendant necklace is strung from a vegan leather cord and comes in a beautiful handmade bag, making this a great gift for any yogi. The Love Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network is a charity that funds education for orphans in Uganda.
Real Beauty For a Cause Bath Bomb: Tis the season for taking warm, soothing baths, and this natural, 4-ingredient bath bomb is the perfect companion! Real Beauty supports families working to improve their financial situations through providing the necessary resources and support for those less fortunate.
Hera Healing Salt Scrub: Handcrafted, cruelty-free, and vegan lavender scented detox scrub that smells amazing and works wonderfully! Hera Healing supports a non-profit for at-risk youth.
Raga Varnish Chakra Nail Lacquer: Finally, a nail polish made with natural ingredients free of harmful chemicals. Each color corresponds with a chakra to help stimulate you spiritually. Raga Varnish supports Elephant Family, a group that saves wild animals from extinction.
Back To Africa Imports Body and Massage Oil: This lavender rosemary-scented oil will nourish your skin and soothe your mind. Sales support the African countries from which these ingredients came.
The cool part is that if you fall in love with something from a monthly box, you can buy it for yourself or as a gift on the Buddhibox website! You can learn more about Buddhibox and it’s content on their website Check out their holiday boxes here.


The Buddhibox subscription box is uniquely curated with items that you appreciate and that give back to good causes. Every item is centered around the box’s theme of that particular month, and gives you something exciting to look forward to. This box can be delivered to your door every month for $30.95, or you can receive discounts when you purchase 3 or 6-month memberships up front. You can save 10% off your first box with the coupon code “yaholiday” between now and December 15, 2015. This box makes a fantastic treat for yourself, or a unique gift idea for a friend or loved one.
With the Buddhibox Subscription Box, you will receive items that help you live a healthy yogic lifestyle. As yogis, it’s so important to find companies and products that support our beliefs and way of living. We have found that with Buddhibox and their commitment to providing quality, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free products. With the added element of compassion in donating a portion of each month’s proceeds to a good cause, Buddhibox is 100% YogiApproved™!

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