An Interview With Kathryn Mitchem – Thriving Through Life’s Transitions

As the Founder of Studio B Yoga and Movement Center in Evergreen, CO, Kathryn has been busy teaching classes and meeting awesome people through the studio, leading Yoga Teacher Trainings and coaching clients to take Yoga off the mat and into life through the Satori Yoga Lifestyle 16-week coaching program. Her specialty is working with women and men in mid-life transition when events like divorce and change in career can be an opportunity for greater self-love; an opportunity to embrace a deeper sense on purpose, to live a more rich and passionate life.
Kathryn-MitchemWhen she’s not guiding coaching and guiding one-on-one and small group transformative experiences, you will find her snuggling, laughing, and playing in the Colorado sunshine with her three little people ages 12, 10 and 8.
After studying and teaching Mind/Body Movement classes and retreats for the past 15 years, her most recent projects also involve helping Yoga instructors, Healing Professionals, Teachers and other dedicated practitioners discover the Satori Professional Certification program as the new Destination Satori Director of Licensing.

How this video will help you create Your Best Life Today…

​Meet Kathryn Mitchem, life coach, yoga instructor and loving mom. In this interview you’ll learn how to live Your Best Life starting today using the following insights from the interview:

  • It’s OK to not be OK
  • Radical Self Love
  • Creating a living serving others
  • Radical Gratitude
  • Realizing your perfect natural state vs trying to become something ‘better’
  • Benefits of having a life coach and becoming a coach yourself


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