An Interview With Cole Schlam – The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself (Video)

Erik Vienneau
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Your Best Life Today is a video series hosted by Erik Vienneau, founder of nationally acclaimed Yoga Rocks the Park, Friday Night Yoga Club and In this series Eric interviews yogis and health advocates from around the world with the mission of helping others create happiness and discover their true potential.

Today’s Guest is Cole Schlam

Cole Schlam is a yoga instructor who finds joy in sharing yoga with others and creating a warm and accepting yet lighthearted energy in her classes. Her teachings, which are inspired by the 8-Limbs of yoga and incorporate meditation, mindfulness, and breath work are about a lot more than tight abs and a nice butt (although that is a bonus she laughs!). She’s studied with Buffy Barfoot, Yoga Therapeutics, Nancy Candea with a focus on yoga for trauma and addiction. She has also worked with Project Angel Heart and top yoga studios specializing in yoga for stress relief.

What You’ll learn from Cole…

  • How not to shy away from the hard stuff in your life
  • How to move mindfully on your mat and in the world
  • How mindfulness = more joy in your life
  • Your yoga can/should include not jus joy but sad states as well – it’s OK to cry on your mat!
  • How to use “Scaffolding” to make progress on your health goals
  • How to get what you want by being easy vs. hard on yourself


Learn more about Cole by visiting her website

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Erik Vienneau

Erik Vienneau of AWAKE Mindful Living meets people where they are along the path of wellness to offer opportunities to discover a peaceful and health-filled life. When he's not on his cushion you'll find him being simple and easy with friends and family. He believes "Peaceful Minds Create a Peaceful Planet.”

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