3 Unconventional Steps and 5 Tips I Used to Quit Smoking Holistically

This is a guide that outlines the steps and tips I used to quit my hideous addiction to smoking cigarettes.

This guide helped me to successfully quit smoking after an exaggerated number of attempts to quit the nasty nicotine habit. During my 22-year cigarette-smoking rein, I tried all the ungodly, as well as sworn-by, methods. The methods included nicotine replacement therapies, cold turkey methods, medications, cough drops, hypnosis, etc. Cigarettes can have an intense grip on a person.

“Smoking is an illusion of pleasure; an ingenious confidence trick which enslaves us for life.” -Allen Carr

I was a slave to smoking and after all those failed attempts, I realized that I needed a plan catered specifically to me. That was the reason I failed before. I was trying to do it everyone else’s way on everyone else’s terms. So I devised a plan and created this guide with the following 3 steps and 5 tips to successfully kick the habit and stay smoke free holistically.
Everyone’s plan should be unique. What worked for me may not work for you. But perhaps some of these steps and tips in this guide can help you in your quest to kick the habit. The simple act of reading this alone shows you’re well on your way to creating your own plan and stomping out those butts for good. Please feel free to steal any and all of these that you feel may work for you.


Step One: Clearing the Roots

Discover your true reason for smoking. Searching out those little demons that drag you back to the need of smoking is crucial. I had to face my demons head-on and clear the roots of why I smoked. It wasn’t pretty, so I’ll save those details for my tell-all book. Diving deep into those roots will help you see beyond the need to smoke.
I saw that there were better ways to cope with life’s stresses. Once I depleted the belief system of needing cigarettes, I was able to change my attitude about them. When you have a shitty attitude about something, it always leads to disliking it.

I waged a mental war against my addiction by being spiteful and disgusted by it. I turned to new positive ways of dealing with life and those demons. Some good books that I highly recommend and will help you during this process are The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr and Lighting Up by Susan Shapiro.

The easiest way to let go of a bad habit is to give your time and attention to creating a good one.


Step Two: Filling the Space

Facing those demons and clearing the old roots will leave an empty space. Filling the space with something that’s healthy and that you enjoy is helpful before you quit and during the nicotine withdrawals, or what I like to call the “insane, freak out, pyscho nic-fits from hell.” What you fill this space with is completely up to you. I filled my space with yoga, meditation, running, and self-reflection.
I started my yoga and meditation practice a year before I quit smoking. Yes, I was a bad yogi and smoked while practicing yoga. But no, I didn’t practice both simultaneously – that could kill a person! Haha! I wanted to have a solid foundation to stand on before I quit.

Something that gave me confidence and strength. You can choose any activity to fill this space with. Any kind of exercise is a great idea because not only will it get you in shape, but it also helps detoxify your system, causing your nicotine withdrawals to be less severe and shorter in duration.


Step Three: Pre-Quit Prep

Go grocery shopping before you quit. I bought healthy snacks to help during the cravings. Snacks like veggies, seeds, nuts and fruits. I bought an abundance of healthy juices, vitamin C and homeopathic remedies like Calm Drops, Homeopathic Stress Lozenges, and Rescue Remedy to help me detox and combat the withdrawals.

I bought essential oils like lavender, sweet orange and ylang ylang to calm my senses.
I also pre-rolled cannabis joints. Cannabis is a great stress reducer. Plus, the action of smoking joints relieves the hand-to-mouth habit created by smoking cigarettes. The awesome thing about cannabis is that it is not a carcinogen or habit forming and is used medically for all sorts of ailments.

Disclaimer: only do this in states that cannabis is recreationally legal or medically legal and you possess a medical card to use cannabis.
Anything that is holistic and healthy that you think might help you in your quest to quit, buy it, and use it.
Added by the YogiApproved editorial team:
Something to consider using if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes is a Monq Essential Oil Diffuser. These are essentially vaporizer pens (like what you see people use for cannabis or tobacco) but they are filled with essential oils. So, you can get the smoking sensation that your body craves along with the soothing benefits of essential oils.

Once I cleared my roots, filled my empty space and did my pre-quit prep, I felt confident and strong. I threw away what was left in my pack of Camels and became a hardcore quitter on May 1st. A lot of people choose to use the New Year to quit, which is perfectly fine, but any day you’re ready is a good day to quit.
As soon as those nic-fits set in, you want to be sure you’re both physically and mentally prepared. This process is only hell on earth if you allow it to be.
Here are 5 tips I followed after I quit to make sure I stayed grounded, out of hell, and a successful quitter:


Change up the Routine

Instead of coffee and a smoke, try green tea or another drink you enjoy. Instead of smoking when you’re bored, try coloring or another mindful activity. Instead of smoking on your breaks, try working out, yoga, walking, or running. Instead of smoking when you’re stressed, try aromatherapy or meditation. Changing up your typical routines will help improve your mind state and help you avoid triggers.


I cannot stress this one enough! The toxins from smoking are what make you crave cigarettes. The sooner you release those toxins the better. Drink tons – and I mine tons – of water and juices. This will help flush your system.

I used large doses of vitamin C, a homeopathic detoxifier called Stop It and an orange juice/cream of tartar drink recipe to help me detox. You can find the cream of tartar here.
You may want to read: 7 Steps for An at Home Ayurvedic Cleanse

Avoid Other Smokers

Do this for as long as you need. I did it for 30 days. It’s much easier to kick the habit if you are not around it. If you can’t avoid a loved one who smokes because you live with them or something, set clear boundaries that you do not want cigarettes or their smoke anywhere near you. If they care they will support you.

Stay Mindful and Present

Staying mindfully in control of your thoughts gives you great power over your withdrawals. Remaining in the present moment will assist with staying grounded. It’s a good way to live your life generally. Being present and mindful has saved me from myself too many times to count. Looking for the beauty in every moment will help you conquer the negative thoughts that will try to plague you during your quitting quest.

“Look past your thoughts so you may drink the nectar of this moment.” -Rumi


Your breath is more powerful than you think. Coming back to your breath during any kind of stress will keep you in control. I like to use a four count breath to steady myself during tense moments. You can stay with this breath for as long as you need. Four count inhale, hold for two, four count exhale, repeat.
Giving yourself time and love is key. Making the decision for yourself is a necessary element. But above all, believe in yourself. You started this habit and you are more than capable of killing it. You got this!
I hope you find these steps and tips helpful. Like I said, please steal any or all the steps and tips in this guide.
If you have any questions or want to keep the discussion going, please feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

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Lacey Davis

Lacey Davis is a meditating, holistic living, homeschooling, stay at home vegan yogi mamma of 3 crazy fun kiddos in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her holistic lifestyle came about recently due to an extreme need to naturally treat her clinical depression. Finding peace and grace in this lifestyle, she’s constantly searching for love and light to share and spread.

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