Fav of the Week – Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters

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Every week we feature a new yoga centric item that we feel is exceptionally awesome and worthy of some YogiApproved praise. Whether it’s a functional product that helps improve your practice or stylish piece of clothing that helps improve your wardrobe, or just something that makes life a little more fun, we’re all about spreading the word and introducing you to something fresh.
Here are 5 reasons why the Yummi Cookie Cutters are our Fav’ of the Week:
1. The Yummi Cookie Cutters are easy to recognize! This collection of five yoga cookie cutters – Downward Dog, Tree, Warrior II, Warrior III and Crescent Lunge make a great gift for that special yogi in your life.

2. Take a bite of our downward facing dog with these cookie cutters that are designed in shape of our favorite yoga poses!

3. Let the birdies nibble on Tree Pose with a yoga shaped bird feeder… So clever!

4. Work on your inner crafter and use the cutters to make your own creations for any holiday or event! Yogi candles, pumpkin-carving patterns, holiday decorations for your home or Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day gifts and even a yogi wedding topper! The possibilities are endless.

5. Not a baker… no worries. These cutters go far beyond just baking. Use them for fun-shaped fruits, granola yogis, pancakes yogi, crustless sandwiches and food dividers. The kids love them too!

Grab a set and start baking some asanas. yummiyogi.com

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