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Are Your Favorite Leafy Greens as Healthy as You Think They Are?

Charmie Stryker
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Not All Greens Are Created Equal:
Salads, versatile and packed with nutrition, have become an essential part of our diet. While salad greens are the building blocks to a healthier salad, not all are created equal: as a general rule, the saying “The richer in color, the better” holds true when it comes to your greens, along with deep purples and reds.
Along with color, nutritional values range greatly. Iceberg lettuce, composed of 96% water, ranks last while kale’s super food qualities boast a daily value of 412% for Vitamin A and 1,368% of Vitamin K in a serving as a small as two cups! Vitamin A is essential for proper immune function, and Vitamin K plays a vital role in your bloodstream, building strong bones and preventing heart disease. Kale’s leafy greens are also packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene, kaempferol and quercetin. Making a simple switch in your Caesar salad from romaine lettuce to kale can pack more of a nutritional punch!
Prefer a more robust flavor in your salads? Arugula’s mild peppery flavor is rich in vitamins and detoxifying properties, while radicchio’s bold flavors can add a crunchy texture and elements of Vitamin A and antioxidants.
For milder palettes, spinach is a winning choice being low in cholesterol and rich in antioxidants, which is vital for turbo charging your immune system, heart health, and cancer prevention.
There are many building blocks that help create a healthier salad, and a nutritional base of greens is a great and yummy place to start!
Check out this super helpful info-graphic below to see if you are getting what you need out of your favorite leafy greens.
The healthiest greens

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Charmie Stryker

A wanderlust at heart, Charmie started her yoga teaching path during her travels through India. Her practice has been nicknamed as “shakti sway”. “Shakti”, meaning divine energy, and movement and “Sway” because of her love for flow, or the fluidity of movements. Currently she is pursuing her bliss of yoga, travel and design blurring the lines between work and play.


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