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Adorable Child Tells Us Why We’re All Wrong for Eating Meat (Video)

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This is what conscious eating is all about. The beautiful thing about this video is that the child’s innocence allows him to be aware of what he is actually eating. He understands that while the food in front of him may not look like the animal it once was, it was an animal and that the life of an innocent animal is not his to take.

“These animals… you gotta take care of them… and not eat them.”

By asking the right questions he educates himself before making the decision to consume. Something we should all be doing a lot more of these days.
In nature animals consume other animals to survive. We use this reasoning as justification that what we (humans) are doing to other animals on this planet is not only normal but necessary. Ask anyone walking down the street in a “Bacon is Candy” T-shirt why they eat meat and they’ll most likely tell you it is for the protein (and then grunt).
“Predators eat meat. Do you you want to be a predator or prey?” This is what my boxing coach asked me the other day. Well, I certainly don’t want to be eaten. But that’s exactly the point. As humans we have the ability to consider what the answer to that question would be if we asked it to a cow, a chicken, a pig, etc. As humans, we are capable of compassion. And if you look at eating meat (especially the way we currently go about the business of raising and processing it) from a place of compassion, the answer to the question is, “I’ll eat something else to survive, thrive and achieve my goals.”
Asking if I want to thrive or die, be powerful or weak, eat or be eaten has nothing to do with eating meat and everything to do with our willingness to change our habits, look for other sources of nutrients and be mindful of where that juicy chicken breast came from (click here if you really want to know).
Just for argument’s sake, here are just a few herbivores even a meat eater wouldn’t want to tango with:
Cape Buffalo
Gelada Baboon
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