Flex-N-Fly CEO Youmie Francois Shares Her Experience of Being Black In the Wellness Community

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Meet Youmie Francois: female entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and founder and CEO of Flex-N-Fly, a wellness company that provides relaxation and stretch-based yoga classes to travelers in airports.

We were honored to sit down and have a conversation with Youmie and listen to her experiences of being black in the wellness community, along with her insights on how to make the yoga and wellness sphere more inclusive.

Racism and racial inequality is an issue that impacts us all and it’s important for everyone to continue having these conversations in order to gain a deeper level of clarity, insight and understanding so we can collectively take action and create lasting change.

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We Sit Down With Flex-N-Fly CEO Youmie Francois to Listen to Her Experience of Being Black In the Wellness Community


A Big Thank You to Youmie Francois for Such a Powerful and Inspirational Conversation

Youmie is Haitian born and New York City raised. She speaks four languages. She is a big believer in positive affirmations and reminding people of their power. In short, Youmie is an inspirational powerhouse.

She created a unique formula for her Flex-N-Fly airport classes that blends Yin and Restorative Yoga, dance, affirmations, deep stretching and breathwork. Yes please!

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Want to connect more with Youmie? Visit her Flex-N-Fly website, follow her on Instagram for continued inspiration and real talk, and check out her podcast, Live in your power | Affirmations & Entrepreneurship with Flex-N-Fly.


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