You Are Grounded! And That’s a Good Thing…

I remember every feeling in my body when my Mom would say the two words: “You are grounded, young lady!”

Quickly followed by “go to your room” or “not another word.”

I was a real goody-goody, rule follower and the oldest child growing up, if you know what I mean. I was rarely in trouble, so getting grounded was a huge deal (to me). The only time I felt the heat and got grounded was when I was messing with, arguing with or wrestling with my little sister, which was often.

As a kid, the idea of even being grounded was the ultimate worst. Grounded to the confines of my room with blue carpet and a floral bedspread. Grounded to restrictions like: no friends for the weekend, no usage of my see-through purple landline phone and no Full House on Tuesdays at 7pm. Grounded to more house chores, cleaning the pool or working the garage sale. Woof!

Fast forward twenty years and it is funny how language and rhetoric twist and transform with age and wisdom.

Being grounded is no longer about getting in trouble and house chores.

Speaking with my dear friend and fellow coach recently, he tells me, “you are very grounded. You weren’t when I met you but now you are one the most grounded friends I have.” I took this as one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. My 20’s was very flighty with a lot of self-judgment, worry about what other people thought about me, and a lot of ego driven decisions. Ring a bell for anyone?

In this chapter of life that is my 30’s, I have been doing a lot of self work to root deeper and connect within. I know my values, I am clear on what I truly care about and the goals I am working for. I am grounded! Grounded with a new meaning.

In my own words, to be grounded is: I am rooted, solid and stable. I am deeply connected to my truth. I know my values, I speak with purpose and I create with clear intention. I am home.

So get excited. “You are grounded, young lady” is now a good thing. (Especially the young lady part! #foreveryoung)

What does grounded mean to you?

How do you practice rooting down and exploring the connection within?

Image credit: Jacki Carr

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Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, brand consultant and a newlywed. Jacki has been coaching goals since 2009 and has a true passion for a microphone, inspiring others to live it really big and holding them accountable. Her coaching style includes 80’s music, real + honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self.

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