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14 Signs You’re Definitely A Yogi

Johnny Jedi
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If any of these sound like you, then I’m sorry to say, but you might just be a yogi.
1. You schedule your day around your yoga class…or two.
2. You own a non-toxic, non-stick, organic, expensive as hell yoga mat and it goes everywhere with you.
3. You keep a yoga outfit and mat in your car at all times “just in case.”
4. You’d rather wear yoga pants than regular pants, and usually do, even when you’re going out.
5. You start using Sanskrit words like “asana” instead of saying “pose” in English.
6. It feels more comfortable to sit in Lotus or Sukhasana. Also, you know what Sukhasana means.
7. You know how to “move with your breath,” “melt your heart towards the mat,” and “spiral your thighs inward.”
8. You’ve incorporated ujjayi breathing into stressful situations like rush-hour traffic.
9. Your dream vacation is a yoga retreat.


10. Your Instagram photos are all of you doing yoga.
11. You’ve used Namaste as your sign-off.
12. It feels weird to put shoes on
13. You stand in tree pose in line at the grocery store without even realizing it.
14. You no longer “do yoga”… you now call yourself a yogi.
Would you add anything to this list? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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Johnny Jedi

Johnny was born in Rasario, Argentina and moved to the Big Apple when he was a teenager. There he found his three passions: yoga, writing and his pet chinchilla Henry. And yes, you guessed it, Johnny likes Star Wars.

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