Yoga on Instagram vs Real Life (Video)

Erin Motz
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All over Instagram and Facebook, we’re bombarded daily with the image of what a “perfect” yogi looks like. Usually, it’s a beautiful picture of someone striking an equally gorgeous (but impossible looking) pose, and we think, “WOW, I wish I could do that!”
Well, guess what? One picture never tells the whole story. Sometimes people make these shapes effortlessly, but most of the time, those “effortless” moments are the result of countless other failed attempts.
You try, you fall, you try again, and keep trying even if you fall a few more times.
Check out our latest video reminding you that social media posts are TINY slivers of someone’s journey. Don’t fall for the snapshot.


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Erin Motz

I’m not your traditional yogi: I’m the carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type and I’m based in Tampa, FL where I teach vinyasa flow. My aim is to keep my classes fun and accessible, both in the studio and online. Teaching yoga has been one of my greatest pleasures; I practice to feed my teaching, but I teach to feed my life. Erin is the co-founder of Bad Yogi.

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