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Beautiful Yoga Flow In Tulum (Video)

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Yoga. On the beach. In Tulum, Mexico. Three of our favorite things!
Yogi and founder of YogiApproved Ashton August practices the same yoga flow in four gorgeous and diverse settings – a beach in Tulum, a tiny jungle oasis, near ancient Myan ruins, and in the middle of a bustling street in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
This video project came about as a way to physically and visually express how grounding, empowering, and intimate our yoga practice can be. When we step onto the mat, we step out of our heads and into the present moment through the breath, the movement, and the space in between.
We offer this video as a homage and a tribute to the balance between strength and grace, peace and power, presence and stillness that yoga cultivates. Enjoy, and namaste!
Track: Trials of the Past by SBTRKT
Edit: Kurtis Jackson
Video: YogiApproved

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