Why We Breathe – A Beautiful Documentary About WHY We Do Yoga

Ashton August
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What fuels your fire? What keeps you motivated day in and day out to reach higher, to accomplish your goals, to finish what you’ve started? People often ask accomplished public figures, “Why do you do it?” We are all curious about these questions in life. We see someone whose actions we admire, and we want to understand more about them. “How do you do what you do? What keeps you going?” The essence of human nature is to wonder, to inquire, to remain curious and interested. Why We Breathe is a beautifully moving documentary that delves into the “why?” of yoga. Why do we as yogis practice, what is it that we’re seeking to gain from this practice, and what is it that fuels this passion?
The Why We Breathe documentary follows several seasoned yogis on their journey, and they answer these questions for us. Here’s a snippet from one yogi contributor, Briohny Smyth:

“I think that a lot of our insecurities and fears come from us believing the thoughts that are in our heads all the time, and yoga helped me…quiet those thoughts down.” – Briohny Smyth

Get ready to be inspired!!

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Ashton August

Ashton is the founder and Editorial Director of YogiApproved.com. She is also a published author (check out Learn Grow Shift, her 30-day workbook for personal growth) and yoga instructor. You can practice yoga online with her on YA Classes. Connect with her on social @ashtonaugustyoga


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