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She asked what yoga means to me. She was a stranger I met while traveling; a stranger-turned-friend through the vehicle of yoga. I told her that to me, yoga is my spirituality – it encompasses all the elements that calm and ground. Yet as I reflect now on the moments leading up to her question, my answer has expanded.

Yoga is these interactions. Yoga is the communion with people who would have otherwise remained strangers. Yoga finds or establishes the interconnection – the common ground between us all. It is strengthening on an interior level. Rehabilitation on an emotional level. Yoga provides the tools to build things that are hard to reach yet all-pervasive: self-love, confidence, a sense of presence that allows you to just stop. Yoga creates a cause for pause: the stillness beneath the surface of existence. I always call it the space between the thoughts. My yoga is a way of life that has long since transcended the physical. My yoga has become a method of communication on the exterior with others and an interior communication with my soul, with those most hidden, buried, recessed parts of me most in need of excavation!

Yoga, meditation, and all methods of self-discovery yield the ultimate result: progression of the soul.

To quote the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, “I am an introverted excavator”… the most honorable of pursuits. Yoga, meditation, and all methods of self-discovery yield the ultimate result: progression of the soul. In Sanskrit, yoga means “to yoke” or “union.” Outward connection, inward reflection, and everything in between—yoga is the unification of all these things. And so in closing, dear friends, I ask what yoga means to you. Please respond in the comments so we can continue using the vehicle of yoga to connect people everywhere in the oneness of our practice! Thank you and Namaste.



Ashton - YogiApproved

This is me in Ubud, Bali last spring. Such a beautiful place!


What is yoga to you? Let us know in the comments bellow. 

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Ashton August

Ashton is the founder and Editorial Director of YogiApproved.com. She is also a published author (check out Learn Grow Shift, her 30-day workbook for personal growth) and yoga instructor. You can practice yoga online with her on YA Classes. Connect with her on social @ashtonaugustyoga


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