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The Marijuana Debate: A Comedian’s Take on Legalization (Funny Video)

Johnny Jedi
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Marijuana. A term that evokes a range of emotions – some love it, some are against it, and some could care less about the plant that gets you high.
Recently, weed has been in the public spotlight. As more states continue legalizing it, the debate continues – should Mary Jane be legalized? Should it be legal everywhere for everyone, just for medical reasons, or not at all?

This video parody takes a look at two dudes munching on weed brownies and discussing their thoughts on whether it should be legal. Their conversation takes a turn as the effects start kicking in, and soon the talk turns from casual debate to something . . . a bit more far out.
Whether you toke every day or have never been high, this hilarious video will make you LOL.

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Johnny Jedi

Johnny was born in Rasario, Argentina and moved to the Big Apple when he was a teenager. There he found his three passions: yoga, writing and his pet chinchilla Henry. And yes, you guessed it, Johnny likes Star Wars.

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