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Yoga has woven itself into our culture, and if you’re reading this, you’ve been touched by yoga too. From the yoga culture blossoms the yoga community. From your favorite studio to the your favorite yoga blogs, we yogis are surrounded by like-minded individuals offering wisdom, sharing advice, and growing together – uniting – like the root of the word “yoga.” We’re one big yoga family.
In honor of this ever-growing yoga family, we at want to acknowledge our favorite yoga blogs of 2015. These yoga blogs bring us as yogis together, uniting us around the globe. While there are countless amazing and inspiring yoga blogs out there, these are our favorites. This list is in no particular order – everyone here is uniquely awesome.

Without further ado, here’s our pics for the top yoga blogs of 2015:


Elephant Journal

Waylon Lewis is the man behind the curtain of the multi-faceted mega-blog that is Elephant Journal. Odds are you’ve heard of it…from the stellar writers to the mind-blowingly diverse content, Elephant Journal is not only a yoga blog—it also covers wellness, love, controversy, humor, and even non new-agey content.



Yoga By Candace

Perhaps you know Yoga By Candace for her YouTube channel that’s chock-full of yoga videos. Or perhaps you know YBC for her incredibly inspiring and down-to-earth yoga blog. Candace is a yoga teacher who has made her passion for yoga a lifestyle, and shares how you can too! Follow her, and stay inspired.




DoYouYoga is an online yoga community centered around a fantastic yoga blog. With writers from around the world, you can count on them to keep you up to date on yoga, meditation, healthy living and just about everything else a yogi would want. DYY’s community feature allows you to create a profile and make friends with other DoYouYoga members. This year DoYouYoga also added online yoga videos to the mix. The videos are beautifully produced and rather affordable (some are even free).



The Journey Junkie

Allie is the beautiful soul behind The Journey Junkie, a yoga blog that features this yogini’s journeys around the world while she gives advice on all things yoga. Everything from 30-day gratitude challenges to yoga pose tutorials, this girl’s got you covered in a fun, friendly, and aesthetically pleasing blog.




YogiTimes is a yoga blog that focuses on yoga news and everything that’s trending in the yoga community. Taking it one step further, they categorize the articles by city, so you can read about things that are near you “by the community for the community.” Their goal? To elevate the consciousness of readers near and far. Need we say more?




Yoganonymous has garnered a huge presence in the online yoga community. One of the largest yoga blogs on the internet, Yoganonymous is all-things-yoga. Be it yoga music, yoga lifestyle, featured yoga teachers and more, this yoga blog has truly created a thriving online community.



Ekhart Yoga

This comprehensive yoga blog has a unique, user-friendly format. Ekhart Yoga is a virtual yoga studio, and offers a huge selection of yoga classes based on different levels, styles, and teachers. In other words, they offer something for everyone. Reference their yoga terms dictionary, or peruse their yoga pose gallery.




Yoga Journal

One of the true OG’s in the yoga community, is one yoga blog that has been around for a while. In many ways, they’ve set the tone for yoga blogs, and are known and trusted for their quality content. An extension of their physical publication, the Yoga Journal blog offers a wealth of information and resources, from products to challenges, poses to healthy living.




Of course, we had to include ourselves in this list. 🙂 THANK YOU to all of our readers for making our first year such a success! Our mission is to empower people through knowledge and positivity, raising the collective consciousness one reader at a time. Our articles range from spirituality and meditation, yoga instructions and guidance, to inspirational videos and interviews from your favorite yoga practitioners from around the world.  We have created our own little yoga family and we love watching it grow! (You’re already here)



There you have it! Our list for the top yoga blogs of 2015. Disclaimer: this list is in no way comprehensive, so we invite you to add any blogs you want to acknowledge in the comments below. We love our yoga community, and we love hearing you share and spread the love! Please share your positive thoughts about any of the blogs we’ve mentioned as well — we’d love to hear from you!

Yoga reminds us that we are all in this together. Yoga creates a community through which we are all active and accountable members. Competition is replaced with compassion, and we all benefit from the knowledge, information, and gifts that we share. Spread the love one yoga pose, and one yoga blog at a time. With love from your friends at

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