No Excuses: Tips for Fitting Yoga into a Busy Day

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Some days, as much as we want to fit in a full yoga session, there just isn’t time. And while life may be hectic and complicated and messy, that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a bit of yoga here and there throughout the day.
When a day is filled with meetings and deadlines and a to-do list longer than you’d really care to think about, you may decide that yoga practice can wait until tomorrow or the weekend.
But why wait?
Why not find a way to incorporate yoga into daily life, whether you’re multitasking or unwinding with a book or movie, there are all sorts of opportunities to strike a (yoga) pose.

Brushing Your Teeth

You brush your teeth everyday right? Well why not brush your teeth with your legs in tree pose?
Make sure your hips are forward and you place your foot where it feels right for you – as long as you aren’t putting it on your knee joint and causing unnecessary pressure. This also works with any countertop task: washing dishes, writing out lists, or even talking on the phone.

Watching TV

Do you have time to watch a quick TV show? Try watching it in cow face. Sitting on the floor with your knees centered in front of your body and stacked on top of one another, bring your heels as close to your body as you feel comfortable. This pose isn’t your thing? Try easy pose. Sit comfortably on your sits bones with your legs crossed in front of you and sit up straight, lengthening your spine skyward as you draw your shoulders back and down.


More a fan of reading a good book? Roll out your mat and place your book in front of a fierce sphinx pose. Like on your stomach with the tops of your feet on the mat. Press yourself up onto your elbows (make sure your shoulders are aligned over those elbows) and keep your forearms parallel for a gentle back bend.

Waiting in line

Standing in line? Try a few deep breaths and a few moments in mountain pose. No one will even notice your planted feet and energized hands (if they’re free) at your sides, but you just might find a heightened sense of calm, peace, and being in control as you wait.


Take a break at your desk by practicing a few moments sitting with your feet firmly planted on the ground with your eyes closed. Breathe in and out slowly and evenly. If you’re worried about your co-workers seeing you, keep your eyes open as you focus on your conscious breathing. Carve out a few moments of peace during your workday.

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Getting ready for bed

Before going to bed try a seated forward fold, child’s pose, reclined butterfly, or any combination of them. For reclined butterfly pose, lay on your back with your palms facing upward at your sides. Bring the soles of your feet to touch as you allow your knees to splay open. Allow gravity to help give you a gentle hip opener.
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Laying in bed

And never forget the lazy yogi’s go-to pose, savasana. Take a minute or two at the end of the day to calm your mind and simply focus on being present in the flow of your breath.

You don’t always need a lot of time for your yoga practice. You don’t even need a mat! On days where a full practice might be out of the question, you can still fit in a bit of yoga and self-care. It may just make those crazy days a bit less crazy, and your mind and body will thank you for it!

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