The Most Intimate Experience – Meghan Currie Yoga (Video)

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“The inner process while I’m practicing is the deepest and most intimate experience I’ve ever had. It’s a full body awareness and a whole body listening. It goes from the toes to the fingertips to the core to the surface of the skin and beyond. So as I move, it’s like this beautiful and deep sensual massage. And the massage is an energetic massage. It’s like it’s brushing through every single particle and combing out the debris. When I’m practicing, I feel like I’m guided by something else…”
Meghan Currie has a beautiful, awe-inspiring practice and often graces us with videos of precisely that.
Watch this beautiful being as she moves through an ocean side practice, narrating what yoga means to her in a way that all yogis will listen to and say, AMEN!

Filmed and edited by Alessandro Sigismondi


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