The Beauty of Movement (Video)

Ashton August
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The beauty of movement — be it dance, yoga, walking down the street — is that it is a unique expression of you. When we move, our mind and bodies unite, working together to form a physical expression of the moment, the pose, the music… Life is truly a dance… of opposites, of phases, a dance from one chapter to the next.
As yogis, we have witnessed the beautiful, intimate, humbling fusion of mind and body playing whimsically in the movement of a yoga pose. As yogis, we have experienced the bliss, however temporary, of this ecstatic mindy-body union. We know what it feels like to be lost or caught in the moment, overwhelmed with the beauty of each movement, in awe of the experience happening within and without. Watch this beautiful sentiment from yogi Slava Goloubov to what movement can mean to an individual, to yogis everywhere, and to all of humanity.

Video by: Egor RVNK
The track is Holograms by Oscar Key Sung


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Yogadance: Dance Your Asana (Video)
We all love a good playlist in our vinyasa flow class and if the track is right, paired with the right asana at the just the right time it can often feel like we're dancing. Dance is all about expression through movement.
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Ashton August

Ashton is a writer, yoga instructor and Editorial Director here at If she's not bustin' out articles or producing YogiApproved videos, you can find her teaching Buti Yoga, hugging her puppies, or traveling the world with her beau. Follow her on social @ashtonaugustyoga

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