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This Yoga Teacher is Sick of the Yoga Community’s Bullsh*t

Michelle Stanger
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Namaste Bitches. Yes, you read that correctly. When I first saw that phrase on a t-shirt I actually giggled to myself (yogis do have a sense of humor you know). But now, I am starting to view this little saying in a slightly less humorous way.
Yoga is growing and I love it. As a yoga teacher, I see many different people coming into my classes with different needs, backgrounds, goals and practices. I love that! I love seeing people let go of their fears and step into that yoga room, to see the tears on their faces when emotions are being released, the smiles that beam ear to ear when they achieve something they have worked so hard on. It is why I teach.
But now I notice a growing “scene” in the yoga world that has me less excited. Particularly in the yoga teacher world. This, “Holier than thou,” scene is disheartening and frightening. I am part of many yoga instructor groups online and the conversations between these yoga teachers is fucking ridiculous. I saw a question posted by a new teacher asking for some suggestions of music to play in Savasana – they ripped her to shreds.
This new teacher, excited to begin her journey bringing yoga to her community came to her peers to ask a question, to better herself as a teacher, and she was bullied for her teaching style. I could not believe what I was reading, it was equivalent to a political post on Facebook!

Everyone came out of hiding to comment about who was correct, who was an idiot and who should just quit teaching altogether. What the fuck!

Aren’t we as yogis supposed to be full of love, light, and acceptance? When did the hateful, hurtful, discouraging “yogis” enter the picture? We should feel safety and support among our fellow yogis, not judgement and cruelty. Yes, there are many different styles and lineages of yoga, there are new yoga trends and hybrid classes and yoga has certainly become more “westernized” to fit our culture.

But guess what? It is ALL fucking yoga! There is no concrete, set in stone, no if ands or buts way to teach or practice yoga.
We are all unique individuals and resonate with different energies and movements. Personally, my practice is a sweaty, fast-paced vinyasa class that challenges me physically . . . this is the best way I can get my mind to become quiet. My best friend may enjoy a quiet yin class to help clear her head. To each their own, my loves.

So let us all come together, jump off of our high yoga teaching horses and agree that we are all practicing yoga in our own way.

No more pissing contests about who is right and which way is correct. If you really feel the need to throw your two cents in, please do! But be respectful. Remember the whole Eight Limb Path deal we learned about and teach to our students? Yea, let’s keep that in mind before we start criticizing or being toxic to each other.
We are yogis, we all sit in the “feels” part of the brain, so don’t make us cry more than we already do.
Namaste, Bitches.

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is living the yoga mom life and loving every second. She believes all beings deserve joy, peace and love and aims to be an example. Forever grateful for her yoga practice, she is honored to be able to share as a yoga teacher and Editor here at YogiApproved.com.

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