A Shy Girl’s Path to Empowerment Through Yoga (Yoga Video)

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This video is about a shy girl’s path to empowerment through yoga. That shy girl is me.
I practice yoga because it empowers me. I teach yoga because I want to empower you. I love yoga and I believe in these practices – they imbue me with confidence, joy, and empowerment.
But it wasn’t always that way . . .
My whole life I felt paralyzed by doubt; trapped within my own body. I was painfully shy and insecure. I put myself in a box and I suffered for it.

This is why I made this video. It is my love letter to yoga. Yoga has helped me to remove my shackles. Yoga has helped me to find my voice.

I was a gloomy little kid, but you never would have known it. A people pleaser to the core, I tried to behave the way I believed people wanted me to. Most days I was terrified to say anything, terrified that I would say something stupid, that I would say something that wasn’t pleasing, that everyone would think I am stupid, that no one would like me.
This negative self-talk put me in a vicious loop – always aiming to please others so that they would like me, which had the effect of moving me further and further away from who I am.
My path to self-discovery has been long and arduous. I was aimless and adrift and sought out affirmation and praise wherever I could get it.
As a result, I have explored many different career paths. At first I thought I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer……then I thought I wanted to be a pop music star….then I thought I wanted to be an Opera singer.
But ultimately I discovered that I didn’t really know who I was or what I wanted. I started dancing again and still half-heartedly kept up with my Opera training.
And then I started practicing yoga. With regular yoga practice, things started to turn around for me.
This is why I made this video. It is my love letter to yoga. Yoga has helped me to remove my shackles. Yoga has helped me to find my voice. Yoga has empowered me to step fully into who I truly am.
This doesn’t mean it is always easy, and it doesn’t mean that I always feel empowered. But, my yoga practice gives me the determination to keep on going, and keep on trying to grow into the best version of myself.
I tell you my story not because I think it is special or even unique. I tell you my story because I think that struggle is universal.
Regardless of the way it manifests, or the circumstances surrounding it, WE ALL STRUGGLE. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know what has made things better for me, and my hope is that it might make things better for you too.

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Nichol is a yoga teacher and musician. Her teaching incorporates a blend of invigorating flow and insightful instruction, and she will sweetly serenade you with her harmonium and voice in savasana. She has trained with three of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the field today: Noah Mazé, Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell. Nichol teaches public classes in San Francisco and yoga workshops, intensives and retreats around the world.


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