Have You Seen One of the Most Hilarious Yoga Parodies Ever? (Funny Video)

Michelle Stanger
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The scene is set on a beautiful beach in Cambodia (no, not really . . . it’s in Los Angeles) and the yogi is Max Weisz.
Throughout this hilarious yoga video parody, we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse inside of Max’s mind during his yoga practice. The deep belly laughing that will result from his “deep philosophical” teaching will give you a better ab workout than the brief time he actually spends in Plank Pose.
The yoga sequencing is life-changing with poses like, “Side Plank with a selfie” and Warrior 2 with actual swords and fire bolts to really help you on the path to self-discovery. He also has amazing insight on Pranayama including tips like, “breathe into your beard” and breaks to check on and fix said beard.
Enjoy Max’s beach yoga practice and his hilarious (and often accurately relatable) thoughts during his practice.
Check out Max’s YouTube channel, MaxNoSleeves for more hilarious videos.

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is a mama to fur and non-fur babies, a yoga and Buti Yoga instructor and Partnerships Manager here at YogiApproved.com. She is forever grateful for her yoga practice and is honored to be able to share the practice with others. You can usually catch her seeking sunshine, chocolate, and a good laugh-session with her OMies. Connect with her on IG @arifishmama.


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