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Your Complete Guide to Scorpio Zodiac + 6 Intense Yoga Poses for This Water Sign

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Scorpio is the mystical, witchy best friend we all need. She tends to take the path least travelled, and loves to bend the rules along the way. With an intense drive and sense of purpose, Scorpio’s nature is to follow her heart – which leads her to a passionate, fulfilled life.
If life is a deck of cards, Scorpio is the wild card shuffled in. She somehow always has the best hand to play, while seemingly carefree and reckless. It’s common for Scorpio to be strategically two steps ahead in any game.
There’s much more to know about Scorpio, so read on!
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The Scorpio Zodiac Sign at a Glance

Born: October 23-November 21
Element: Water
Ruled by: Mars and Pluto
Symbol: Scorpion
Best romantic matches: Pisces, Cancer

Here are the three main characteristics of a Scorpio:

Whether this sign belongs to you or not, this information will help you understand this watery sign a little better.

1. Scorpio Operates on Pure Instinct

If Scorpio has a hunch about something, listen. For example, if you have a new beaux in your life, introduce them to your Scorpio bestie first. She is gifted at seeing right through people’s bullsh*t, and will know immediately if this person is worth your time.

You want loyal and protective Scorpio in your squad.

Scorpio makes snap decisions based on her intense gut feeling, and rarely looks back. She’s the friend to go to if you ever can’t make up your mind.

2. Nobody Can Match Scorpio’s Depth

Scorpio will be on a hundred-foot dive below the water’s surface, miles away from shore, while everyone else is comfortable on the beach. And she’s not afraid of what lurks in the depths. In fact, Scorpios have a fascinating relationship with darkness, which adds to her magnetic, and often mysterious, being.
In relationships, Scorpio doesn’t bother herself with acquaintances. Instead, she’s skilled at developing close relationships with many people.
In romantic relationships, Scorpio’s intensity is magnified. She prefers face-to-face connection, boldly expresses her affection with physical contact, romantic gestures, and genuine conversation. With Scorpio, you may go for a long walk on the beach . . . but it might just end with a skinny-dip below a full moon.

3. Scorpio Rises Above Failure

With a ruling planet in transformative Pluto, Scorpio has the ability to adapt and change to any situation. This often unsettles or confuses others, but for Scorpio it’s all a part of her fascinating life.
For example, Scorpio will pour her heart and soul into her relationships, but the moment you do her wrong, she’ll cut you off immediately. With your contact in her phone set to ‘Do not answer,’ she’ll watch with satisfaction as every late night phone call goes to voicemail.
Scorpio is never vulnerable or shaken for too long, and wears her experiences with pride. For Scorpio, there is no such thing as defeat – only challenges that have yet to be conquered.


Practice These 6 Yoga Poses to Embrace Your Inner Scorpio and Harness Some Mystical Intensity

Scorpio is known for her witchy, goddess-like energy. Tap into that power with these yoga poses.
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1. Chair Pose with Eagle Arms

This intense pose encourages full-body muscle engagement and transforms you into a lightning bolt of energy.
How to Practice Chair Pose with Eagle Arms:

  • Stand tall in Mountain Pose
  • Bring your toes together and heels slightly apart
  • With your abs active, and your belly button pulling towards your spine, sit your hips back in an imaginary chair
  • Cross one arm under the other, bend your elbows, and wrap, bringing your palms toward one another
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


2. Exalted Warrior

This pose awakens the warrior within you while it stretches through your legs, and stretches through your side body.
How to Practice Exalted Warrior:

  • From Mountain Pose, step one foot towards the back of your mat
  • Stack your front knee over your front ankle as you lunge to a 90 degree angle in your front leg
  • Turn your back toes toward the long edge of your mat, so the heel of your front foot intersects the arch of your back foot and your hips are open
  • Reach up and towards your back foot with your front arm, resting your other arm on your back thigh (but not on your knee)
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


3. Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold

This pose can be an intense hip opener. Remember: the goal is to release tension, not create it. Use props or back out of the stretch a bit if you feel your body tense up.
How to Practice Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold:

  • Sit with a tall spine and your legs extended
  • Bring your legs apart, as wide as it feels comfortable
  • Keep your spine tall and shoulders away from your ears, and hinge from your hips to fold forward, with your arms reaching forward
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


4. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose taps into the power of your legs and core to bring you off the ground. It’s also a heart opener, because sometimes Scorpio can use a little reminder that being vulnerable is A-OK.
How to Practice Bridge Pose:

  • Lie on your back
  • Bring the soles of your feet to your mat as close to your hips as you can, with your knees pointed to the sky and your palms face down by your hips
  • On your inhale, engage your core, press into your palms, and lift your hips to the sky
  • Try to release your glutes here and rely on the strength of your legs and core
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


5. Bow Pose

A vulnerable, intense heart opener, Bow Pose increases flexibility in your spine and openness through your chest. Be sure to warm up with a few Locust Poses first to make sure you don’t go too deep too quickly!
How to Practice Bow Pose

  • Lie face-down on your mat
  • Bend your knees and bring your feet towards the back of your head
  • Reach for your feet or ankles and hold on tight (Important! If you feel any pain at this point, stop here and slowly come back down to your mat)
  • On your inhale, press your feet into your hands to lift your head, shoulders, chest, and thighs off the ground
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


6. Scorpion Pose

Keep in mind, Scorpion Pose is an advanced forearm stand to honor Scorpio’s symbol. Give it a shot, play around, laugh when you mess it up, and try again!
How to Practice Scorpion Pose

  • Find Downward Facing Dog
  • Walk your feet a bit towards your hands, and lower down to your forearms, finding Dolphin Pose
  • Lift one leg at a time, like you would in Three-Legged Dog
  • Give yourself a few little hops until you feel stable in your forearms, and then lift both your feet off your mat to Forearm Stand
  • Instead of extending your legs straight up, bend at your knees and reach your toes toward your head
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


Celebrate the Scorpio Water Sign

Scorpio, we admire the way you unapologetically follow your heart and trust your intuition. Thank you for reminding us to trust our instincts! We absolutely love your intensity, even though we may not always understand your mysterious soul.
We will follow up with an article for each sign of the zodiac, so be sure to stay tuned for the next sign.

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