15-Minute Outdoor Yoga Flow (Free Class)

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John Muir said it best: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” Yoga is one of the clearest ways to tap into your Self – your true nature – and get back to your roots (pun intended). We’ve all felt the healing, calming effect of being outdoors. Even researchers at Stanford have found that nature positively impacts our mental wellbeing.
Practice yoga outdoors to awaken your senses and help you feel grounded and at peace. Celebrate nature and take your yoga practice outside with this short and sweet outdoor yoga flow filmed in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
Curious about how physically being in nature can help you feel more grounded? Read Get Back to Your Roots – 5 Ways to Use Nature to Stay Grounded

As you practice, take it all in – breathe deeply, and become acutely present. Can you hear birds chirping, the breeze whispering through the leaves, or a passing car?
Can you smell the pine of a nearby tree, the crisp mountain air, or anything else in your surroundings?
Give yourself the gift of grounding and presence by taking your yoga practice into the great outdoors. Namaste!

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Ashton is the founder and Editorial Director of YogiApproved.com. She is also a yoga instructor, motivational speaker, and author of the 30-day personal growth workbook, Learn Grow Shift (available on YogiApproved and Amazon). You can practice online yoga with her on YA Classes and connect with her on social!


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