How One Man Lost 300 Pounds and Saved His Own Life Using Yoga (Video)

Michelle Stanger
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He decided he wanted to live.
Jared battled his whole life with an obsession with food and soon found himself weighing in at 510 pounds.
What he did next was not only amazing but incredibly inspiring. With help from DDP Yoga and a changed diet, Jared saved his life.
Do you have an inspiring story of yoga changing your life? Please share it with us in the comments below.


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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is a mama to fur and non-fur babies, a yoga and Buti Yoga instructor and Partnerships Manager here at She is forever grateful for her yoga practice and is honored to be able to share the practice with others. You can usually catch her seeking sunshine, chocolate, and a good laugh-session with her OMies. Connect with her on IG @arifishmama.

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