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Teresa Mason
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As yogis, we love taking our practice off the mat and into our lives, whether it’s through the music we listen to, our thoughts and actions, books we read, and beyond. Reading yoga-related books is a great way to augment and enrich our practice, our understanding of the practice, and our lives overall. That’s why we’ve reviewed a yoga book that we feel offers a lot of inspiration and imagination for your practice off the mat.
yoga-of-maxs-discontentThe Yoga of Max’s Discontent, written by Karan Bajaj, is a modern reimagining of the classic tale of enlightenment. This book is about a New Yorker named Max who succeeded in leaving a gang-controlled neighborhood in the Bronx, attended Harvard, and worked and lived comfortably in Manhattan. When his mother dies, along with his last true tie to the poverty-stricken childhood that he fought to escape, a chance conversation with a street food cart owner encourages Max to abandon his cushy lifestyle for a spiritual quest in the Himalayas to become a yogi.
Many spiritual lessons can be found early in the book. They are phrased so simply that you could miss them altogether if you weren’t looking. Short sentences such as this, which describes taking a local bus up a steep mountain, “Every moment on the road was an exercise in surrender” provide the reader with everyday lessons that are simple, relatable, and yet profound.

The writing style of this book is reminiscent of Siddhartha – a YogiApproved editor favorite – with physical action moving the plot, as opposed to long prose. It’s a very quick read and covers, nearly, Max’s entire lifetime in 320 pages. The journey of Max is dramatic and unbelievable, as myths can be. The book ends with a surreal and beautiful scene that leaves the reader with their eyebrows raised.
Who this book is good for: People who are in the beginning of their spiritual journey, people who are ready to begin one, or anyone looking for a boost of inspiration or rejuvenation in their current yoga and spiritual practice. The Yoga of Max’s Discontent covers many of the basic ideas and practices of yoga, spirituality, and mindfulness and takes it to the extreme in a fascinating and moving way. It is a quick read and doesn’t require more than curiosity to take the reader to the end – and when they get there, there’s an awful lot to think about too . . .
You can shop this book here.
Dive in, and prepare to be moved, inspired, and empowered in your own journey. Have you read the book? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Have another yoga-related book you’d recommend? Please share in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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Teresa Mason

Teresa is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and a Karma Kids certified kids yoga instructor. Her top passions are yoga, books, cats, and nutrition. She hopes to show that yoga is for everyone and to inspire others to find balance and self-love on their yoga and mindfulness journey.

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